Sunday, November 30, 2008

IVF#3 - Egg Retrieval

Day after trigger results:

E2: 6045 (up from 5519, really high, but much better than my last IVF where I went over 9000)
P4: 6.95 (I don't know what this should be but the nurse said it was good)
HCG: 284 (should be > 120)

I'm back from egg retrieval. Dr. Gustofson did my retrieval and he was great! We got 23 eggs!!!! (IVF#1=10, IVF#2=19) I was expecting a max of 19, so I'm quite pleased. Everyone was wonderful and it was a great experience.

The embryologist said the sperm wasn't too great and only had 5% motility. I'm hoping for a good mature/fertilization rate tomorrow. This is where we always go down hill fast. I'm praying they are able to work their magic in the lab as this is why we have come to them.

For those that aren't familiar with this process;
Day 0: Egg retrieval / Fertilization
Day 1: Embryos are 2 cells
Day 2: Embryos are 4 cells
Day 3: Embryos are 8 cells
Day 4: Embryos are called a morula
Day 5: Embryos are called a blastocyst

The standard is to do a day 5 transfer. This allows them to pick the best embryos and weed out the bad ones. It also allows you to transfer the embryos back in when they would naturally enter the uterus. Day 5 has a higher success rate. If the embryos aren't doing well or if there are only a few that made it, they will do a day 3 transfer. I was kinda bummed because they have already scheduled us for a day 3 transfer today, I guess based on our history, they really don't think we'll make it to day 5. Out of 29 eggs retrieved in the past, we have only had one embryo make it to 8 cells, all others were 5 cells or less. I would love nothing more than to finally get a blast. I'm still holding out hope.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to make sure my abdominal cavity isn't filling up with fluid. I'll also get a call from the embryologist letting me know how many eggs were mature and how many fertilized. I'll send out an update with the results.

Thanks everyone!!! I'm off to bed for a nice post-anesthesia nap.

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