Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tyler: Week 17

October 13-October 19, 2010 (16w-16w6d old)

Tyler Update:

He's now grabbing, yanking, pulling, slapping and twirling his toys that hang from his entertainment mat and surround his exersaucer.

He twiddles his fingers.

He's now able to roll over back to front without getting his arms stuck.  He revs his butt up by rocking it back and forth until he gets enough momentum to roll over.  He then squeals in excitement and is so proud of himself.

He constantly wants to sit up or stand.  He says laying down is for babies.

He laughs like a dolphin.  He makes clicking noises and then lets out a high pitched squeal.

We put a cloth wipe over his wee during diaper changes to protect us from getting peed on.  He grabs it, yanks it off and smiles at us.

Seems this week Ty wants to poop every time I try to take his picture.  The face he makes cracks me up!

He loves sucking on his security blankets, or anything he can get into his mouth for that matter.

He's become picky on his BFing position.  He wants me upright with him parallel to the floor.  He doesn't want anything touching his feet or he kicks it.

He's becoming almost too long for my lap, just as much of him hangs off of me as on me.  If he keeps lengthening at this speed, we'll soon take up 2 spots on the couch.

He's taken over our house.  It looks like a baby store exploded in our home.

He's such a good baby, especially in public.

He's growing by leaps and bounds both in size and developmentally.  All his babysitters are always shocked at how much he has changed in just 1 week.

He weighs 13lb6oz.

Show and Tell:

Ty on his imaginary motorcycle:

Ty on his imaginary surf board:

Grammy is CrAzY about her little Ty:

This is how we found Tyler in the church nursery:

Neighborhood Halloween party:

We took Tyler to the pumpkin patch:

Mama Update:

My hair is STILL coming out in clumps.  This has got to stop!  I guess it eventually will, because at some point I'll be bald!

Now that I've been walking after work for awhile, I'm happy to report that my hips have stopped hurting.

I'll end with a funny:

Kerry:  when's the last time you ate sliced cheese?  
Me:  a couple of weeks ago when I made a grilled cheese.  
Kerry:  well I just found the package of cheese in the kitchen junk drawer.  

What can I say, getting up 3 times in the middle of the night every night for 4 months straight makes for a very tired mama.  Who knows what else he'll find in strange places.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tyler: Week 16

October 6-October 12, 2010 (15w-15w6d old)


Yet ANOTHER episode of blocked ducts in Righty.  I could just cry it's so painful.  Golly gee whiz, can a nursing mama not catch a break?

Tyler Update:

He's becoming more skilled at getting his thumb in his mouth.  Most of the time his index finger goes along for the ride, but occasionally he hits the target.

His hands are starting to explore objects around him.  He wakes up and feels the material and fabrics around him.  It's crazy how entertaining it is for me to watch him feel fabric.

We put his exersaucer together and he loves it.  With him constantly wanting to sit up and stand, this allows him to do both on his own.  He's not quite sure what to do with the toys but he thinks slapping them is pretty cool.

To my complete surprise, he rolled over from back to front for the first time.  I had laid him on his entertainment mat and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.  All of a sudden I heard the crinkly elephant ear on the mat crinkling away.  I went back to the living room to take a peek and found him face down with both arms stuck under him.  The crinkle noise was coming from his face being buried in the elephant ear.  Not good!  I have his sissy Sharon working with him on rolling over without getting his arms stuck.

Now that he's becoming more mobile and can grab things, we switched him from blankets to sleep sacks.  These things are great!

We introduced him to a little security blanket we call Lamby (it's a lamb).  He grabbed it up, snuggled it and started sucking on it.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

He loves walking through the grocery store.  He gets bright eyed, talks and smiles at people walking by.  He gets excited when they smile back.  He's definitely a social butterfly like his daddy.  Mommy and Daddy fight over who gets to hold him, so we have a rule that we have to switch half way through the store.  Then of course we fight over which aisle is half way.

He experienced his first trip to the mall and boy does this little man love people watching!  Daddy needed a pair of jeans and with being 6'5 he can only find his size at The Buckle.  He tried on several pairs trying to find the right fit for the least amount of moola.  He found the perfect pair and coincidentally the style is Tyler!!!

This one is too funny to not share.

He's always been very content in his car seat and usually sleeps the entire time in it, but now he cries and wants out every time the car is stopped.  Not fun and sometimes heart wrenching.

He has 3 extra long hairs on the top of his head, we call them his antennas.  His blonde peach fuzz is really filling in.

He peed in his own face again.  That'll teach him for waiting till we remove his diaper to pee!

Judging by Ty's hand size, length and his aim, I think he has basketball in his future.  While changing him, I turned away to get a diaper out of the laundry basket and heard what sounded like liquid being poured into a plastic bucket.  I turned around and found Ty peeing up and over the changing table and into his potty chair!!!  Now that is pure talent!

Kerry offered to change his diaper in the middle of the night.  The potty was right where he stands, so he kicked it out of his way.  I yelled, OMG, that has pee in it!  He then had to clean the carpet.  That's what he gets for kicking it!

He's growing out of his size 0-3 month clothing and a few of his size 3 month.  Every week I'm putting away clothes that are too small and moving him into larger ones.

Show and Tell:

My IVF buddy Kellie came over to meet Ty.  Kellie and I went through our 1st IVF together (it worked for her).  I remember us saying we didn't think we'd ever be able to go through it again if it didn't work.  HA on me!

This is how big my baby would be had my first IVF worked.

Bath time:

Sleepy baby, even slept through a diaper change:

One dimple... I think the other one got lost:

Smiley chubby cheeks:

Hanging with daddy in his bumbo chair.  Daddy gets chinese, Tyler gets a thumb:

That's it for this week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tyler: Week 15

September 29-October 5, 2010 (14w-14w6d old)


I'll keep this short.  Blocked ducts again, half of Righty is one solid mass.  It's excruciating!

Tyler Update:

He loves his new carrier!  It's a Belle and it fits him so much better than the Beco as the crotch is a lot narrower.  I really like it.  It's super easy to put on and very well made.  The only thing I don't like is that when he faces out, it puts strain on the shoulders and back, but facing in, it's great.  I take him for a walk every day after work.  He takes in all the sights with such amazing curiosity.  By the end of the walk, he's sound asleep.  I lay him down and he maintains exact form, like he's frozen in time.

He thinks it's funny when Daddy does Donald Duck.

He peed in his own face while changing his diaper.  He gave me quite the frustrated look like I did it to him.

He's starting to intentionally grab and slap objects, but not pick them up yet.

His arms are starting to get chubby.

We had to move to the medium rise on the BumGenius Pockets, so his legs are definitely getting chunkier.

He weighs 13lb3oz.

Show and Tell:

Tyler was getting frustrated as his flailing arms kept punching himself in the face, so Kerry sat him on his own hands, lol!!!

Trying on his chicken costume:

Tyler doing his "teenage puckered lips photo pose" impression:

Misc pics:

Mama Update:

My hair is still falling out like crazy!  =(((

I've started taking Ty for walks in his carrier every day after work and yowsa, my hips really hurt after about 10 mins of walking.  I wonder if they're just wider from giving birth, or if they haven't fully recovered?

I went back to work this week.  Sniffle sniffle!!!!!  While I would love to be a stay at home mom, bills need to be paid.  I have my mom watching him on Mondays, my step-daughter on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and my MIL on Thursdays.  I still have to find someone for Fridays.  He loves spending time with his grandparents and sissy and gives them lots of coos and smiles.  Even though I have to clock in and work a standard 8-4:30 shift, I'm very blessed in that I get to work from home.  They bring him to me when he needs to nurse.  This is the first time Ty has been away from my 24/7 attention for more than a couple of hours.  It's really cool to experience him missing me, and boy do I miss him, even though he's in the next room.  It takes everything in me to not run out every time I hear a precious giggle.  Thanks to those that come over and love on my little guy while mommy works, you are very much appreciated!