Friday, November 14, 2008

IVF#3 - Or Maybe Not!

ERRRRRRRRR…. The ride has come to a screeching halt, they’ve kicked me off and sent me to the back of the line.

Auntie got revenge! I only wore that white outfit long enough to take a pic for a joke, well now the joke is on me, she in turn only spotted long enough for me celebrate and announce her near arrival.

I woke up this morning really hoping to find AF and instead I found that I still have a high basal temp (meaning my progesterone is still up there preventing AF). I took a pregnancy test this morning so I’m definitely not preggo. Once again I had to cancel my suppression check, now my travel plans are officially derailed. My next suppression check is scheduled for Tue Nov 18, this is the earliest I could get in. So now it’s time to switch gears. I need AF to stay away till Mon morning.

My goal is to just make it to Denver before I end up in a loony bin! Thanks for hanging in there through my crazy reality.

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