Monday, December 1, 2008

IVF#3 - Fertilization Report

Some quick terminology for the family:
OHSS - ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome
ICSI - Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection
SA - semen analysis
U/S - ultrasound
B/W - blood work
Multinucleated - each embryo cell should have 2 nuclei, one from each parent, multinucleated means there is more than one pair which is abnormal.

Last night was a little nerve racking as I bloated up to the appearance of 6 months pg and was having lots of sharp pains. I literally had to waddle. I showed Kerry my belly and he said "Good God! Are you going to be ok?". I listened to the nurses and ate tons of salt and protein and drank tons of electrolyte enhanced water. A normal blood pressure is 120/80, but I have a very low bp of 100/60, that's just what's normal for me. With all of this salt intake, I told Kerry maybe I'll get up to a normal bp.

I woke up feeling much better and about 80% of the bloating went down, the salt worked!!! I told the nurse that I thought salt caused you to retain water, but she said it works in the opposite manner with it comes to OHSS. OHSS causes all the fluid in your organs to seep out into your abdominal cavity causing the organs to be dehydrated, I guess the salt causes your organs to retain their fluid.

I had my u/s this morning to check for fluid. They did find some fluid around my uterus, but not enough to compromise my cycle. Thankfully all other organs like the lungs and liver were free of fluid build up. Yeah!!! I have to keep up the salt/water intake to keep OHSS at bay.

The embryologist called with my report. Here's the results including my previous cycles:

Retrieved: 10
Mature: 4
Fertilized: 2

Retrieved: 19
Mature: 12
Fertilized: 4 + 4 late (7 are multinucleated, so only 1 is normal)

Retrieved: 23
Mature: 13 + 3 more today (will rescue-isci today at noon)
Fertilized: 7 (waiting to see if the 3 above will fertilize)

So as of right now we've dropped from 23 to 7, so it's a little sad, but it's still the best we've ever had, so it's also exciting. I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to get off that fert call and not be in tears!

Kerry's SA results:
Volume: 1.8ml
Count: 23mil/ml, 41.4 mil total
Motility: 5%
Motility Rate: 3 (1 being twitching to 3+ being fast)
Total Motile: 2.07 mil
OMG!!!! We have NEVER had progressive motility out of the 12 SAs he's had done!!! They said they were moving really fast, this is a total answered prayer!

Now we sit and do some more waiting. Tomorrow we find out if the 3 that matured late fertilize. We won't get a division report until day 3, but I'm hoping I can get some info out of them when they call in the morning. Division is where we have lost practically all of our embies, so say an extra prayer for us for our day 3 report.

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