Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IVF#3 - FSH Day 8 Monitoring

I had my day 8 monitoring appt and physical today. I'm starting to become pretty uncomfortable, so no more climbing for me. The sonographer only measured the biggest follicles which was 11 @ 10-17mm, but I saw quite a few more in there.

E2: 2386 (shot way up from 720, but still ok)
LH: 1.24 (great)
P4: 0.64 (great)
Lining: 11mm (great)

Last 2 IVFs my E2 on day 8 was 4245 and 4385, so I'm doing much better this time!!! I just hope it stays under control.

Tonight they are lowering my gonal-f for the first time from 300 to 150. They are keeping my menopur at 2 vials. I have monitoring every day from here until trigger. My tentative egg retrieval is Sat.

My date for the rest of the week...

This photo reminds me of a funny story from IVF#2. Kerry and I were sitting in the ultrasound room waiting for the tech to come in. We were talking about how unnatural IVF is and how you are robbed of conceiving through love. I then pointed to the wand and said, you've been temporarily replaced. Kerry then held up his hand and said, that's ok, you've been temporarily replaced too. We laughed so hard. When your circumstances suck, you just have to laugh at it.

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