Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tyler: 29 Months

October 24-November 23, 2012 (28 to 29 months old)

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:
  • He has pretend phone conversations all the time. He picks up a phone and paces back and forth having a conversation in what I think is Chinese, not sure. He can talk clear as day, but as soon as he gets on the phone, he has his own language. He always ends the call with "ok, ok, bye bye".
  • He started acting out scenes from his books. He was playing at his train table and put James the train and a cow on the track. He then said "move said James" which is right out of one of his Thomas the Train books.
  • When I don't answer to mama, he starts yelling for Jill.
  • He started singing "God our Father".
  • He started washing his hands on his own. He rolls up his sleeves, stands on the stool, turns on the water, pumps soap, lathers, rinses, turns off the water and dries his hands with a towel. I can't believe I can simply say "go wash your hands".
  • He continues his backward antics. Now when he hands us something, he says "may I please have one?".
  • He is the ultimate negotiator, especially at bedtime. "Mama sleep on couch 5 mins? 4 mins? 2 mins? Play cars for 1 min? Read 1 more book then go to bed?".

Frequent things he's saying this month:
  • Oopsie Daisy
  • Oh me gosh!
  • May I please have one?
  • Sure, sure can!
  • 2 more minutes?

Cute toddler-ease this month:
  • Not knocker (snot sucker)

Things that cracked us up this month:
  • We were at a red light when he yelled "Pee!!!". I said "hold it, hold it, hold it, we're stuck at a red light". He said "Light, turn green!!!".
  • I smelled something foul and said "Tyler, did you toot?".  He said "Yeah, I sure did.".
  • We walked outside and he said "It's beautiful out!". That's not something you expect to come out of a 2 yr old.
  • He walked to the bathroom, unrolled some toilet paper, blew his nose, threw it in the toilet and flushed. Then he got some more toilet paper and wiped Homey the cat's nose.
  • We were on vacation with some family and one of the family members was over reacting about something that was no big deal and Tyler said "Oh me gosh!" in total valley girl style. It was hilarious!
  • I asked him if he liked his food and he said "yummy yummy in my tummy".
  • Homey the cat sat on Tyler while he was watching a short film about Tow Mater.  When it was over, Tyler said to him "Oh my gosh Homey, that was amazing Homey!".


For Halloween, Tyler asked to be a monkey.  This year was so much fun as he started to grasp the concept of trick or treating.

We handed out candy first. He was digging putting candy in everyone's bags and saying "good bye kids" as they left... until Thor showed up at our door, then it was all over with.

Video: Getting ready to hand out candy

We then took him trick or treating on our street. He was a total ham and was so much fun. He would knock on the door and say "come in!". He's notorious for saying things backwards. When they answered the door, he said "Happy Halloween" or "Trick or Treat". He would take 1 piece of candy and say "Thank you, Happy Halloween!"

One house we went to, the owners were sitting outside in front of their door. Tyler started walking up their stairs and said to them "move out of the way". I guess he was on a mission to knock on their door.

At another house, he got all excited when Kerry said "let's go to Nader's house" because he thought we were going to see Mator.

After we returned home, he was content to play with his candy and didn't even ask to eat any. That may sound absurd of me to take him trick or treating and then not even let him eat any candy, but I've learned my lesson with pasta, crackers and cookies. There's no such things as letting them have 1. Once they get a taste of it, it's all over with and that's all they want. He's never had candy before so he doesn't crave it. I wish no one would have introduced me to candy because then maybe I wouldn't have eaten all his candy and gained 7 lbs!

This month in photos:

Got yogurt?

I love how he puckers his lips when he's in deep thought!

Tyler at school on mobile zoo day

Snake around his neck, eek, so glad I wasn't there!!!

Enjoying his new trampoline

Exercising with mama (I gotta burn off that 7 lbs of candy!)


"Give me your lunch money!"
Just kidding, we were pretend shopping and put money in his pocket so he could pay at checkout.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tyler: 28 Months

September 24-October 23, 2012 (27 to 28 months old)

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:

  • He started MDO, a mother's day out program at our church. He's always had an in-home nanny Mon-Fri, so this was very new to him, and me. He now has an in-home nanny Mon-Wed-Fri and goes to MDO on Tue-Thu. He's not super crazy about it yet and cries pretty hard when we drop him off. He says "hold you, hold you, hold you" when we try to get out the door (he has me and you backwards). It's hard on us but we know that it only lasts 5-10 mins. Picking him up is very rewarding. He yells with so much excitement, Hi Mommy!!! At this age, he much prefers hanging out with an adult. This new arrangement seems like a good mix of high quality time with adults with an introduction to group play.
  • Now that he leaves me twice a week, we've started a tradition of waving goodbye and blowing kisses from the window. Every time he leaves with Daddy, he says over and over "wave bye to me in the window". We then wave and blow kisses until the car is out of sight.
  • We started time-outs. He thinks they're fun and says "yes!" when I ask him if he wants to go into time-out. He sits on the couch with a smile and says in the cutest toddler voice "don't get down!". So far he's never gotten up.
  • He always gives himself corrective statements. He'll stand on the couch and say "Tyler sit down". He'll climb on something and say "Tyler get down". He'll walk up to a public toilet and say "Tyler don't touch it!".
  • He talks like a stuck record, repeats himself over and over and over whenever he's upset or doesn't want us adults to talk.
  • He started mimicking our tone. One night Kerry had been waiting quite awhile on me to come upstairs to help get Tyler to bed and had been calling for me. Next thing I know Tyler is yelling for me "Jill, come up stairs! Jill, get up here!". I couldn't help but laugh.
  • He started singing Wheels on the Bus, Jack and Jill went up the Hill and Ring Around the Rosies.
  • He started having conversations between his cars. The King says "Hi Lightening McQueen, how are you? Lightening says "I'm fine". Ramone says "Hi Buddy". 
  • He's starting to develop a little more independence. He'll stop us from helping him and say "do it by self".
  • He's developed this strange quirk of wearing one sock on and one sock off. If I put both socks on him, he'll ask me to take one off. What's really strange is that Kerry had this same quirk when I first met him but hasn't done it in years. Could how we wear our socks be genetic??

Frequent things he's saying this month:
  • Nice to meet you
  • No thank you
  • May I please have it?
  • Excuse me
  • What's that?
  • What's your name? My name Ty Ty!
  • How are you?
  • What's up? What's up mom?
  • Oh no, what happened mommy?

Cute toddler-ease this month:
  • Hang-a-burg (hamburger)
  • Pick-a-boo, I see you!
  • I wuv you

Things that cracked us up this month:

Parents love to ask their little ones "can you say ____?" just to hear them say it in their cute little voices. I'm always asking Tyler to say stuff. One day my friend Mandy asked Tyler "can you say yummy?". He looked at her like she was an idiot and answered "yes!".

We walked outside and Kerry had all of his wagons, strollers, trikes and push cars sitting in the driveway. Tyler ran to them and yelled "Things that go! Things that go!".

This month in photos:

Wearing Mama's boots

I gave him a screw and an allen wrench and by golly, he actually put the screw in!

This month in video:

Video: Tyler does a forward roll

Video: Tyler playing drums

Video: Tyler put on my little white gloves and immediately exclaimed "I love you!". I was stunned because he has never said this on his own before. Then I noticed that when he first put them on, the 2 middle fingers of the glove drooped down and looked like the sign for I love you.