Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winter Family Photos 2012

As you could have probably guessed, this is Kerry's side of the family.  He looks like just his mom, dad and sister. I'm blessed with the best in-laws ever!

For some reason the photos are displaying quite blurry, not sure why as they are much clearer on my computer.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tyler: 30 Months

November 24-December 23, 2012 (29 to 30 months old)

Tyler's life this month in bullet points:

  • This was a little bit of a challenging month, I guess that's why they call it the terrible twos. He's been relentless, whiney, cries and repeats himself over and over to get his way.
  • He's obsessed with tissues. Every time he starts crying, he says repeatedly "need tissue, need tissue!".
  • He struggles with departures and has some mad delay tactics that I have to admit, are hard to resist. He will say to me "Bye bye mommy, get hugs and kisses? Wave to me in the window?" numerous times and every time he gets to the car, he runs back to me and says "get another hug and kiss?". Same thing at bed time, every time I get to the door he says "get another hug and kiss?".
  • He's been acting up at MDO with not sharing, wanting toys from his friends, crying and not participating. What happened to my little guy who loved to share?
  • He was in his first Christmas program. He was so scared, stood there terrified and then bust into tears. I ended up sitting behind him coaching him through it. He cried through the first 2 songs and then by the 3rd he really got into it.
  • After a week of runny nose, clinginess, crying, wetting the bed at night around the clock, a 99.2 fever, we finally found his 1st 2-yr molar peeking through. I think that explains all of the above. Oh dear Lord, there's 3 more of these things?
  • His imagination is in full force. He constantly points out things he sees after taking bites of out his food. He'll hold the food up and exclaim things like, it's a hammer, sting ray, ship, fish, house, sun, moon.
  • He started saying "I wuv you more" after I tell him I love him. Heart soars!
  • We took him to see Santa. He was all excited until it was our turn. He instantly burst into tears when we sat him on his lap. While picking out the best crying-reaching-for-me photo, I looked up to see Tyler walking back to Santa and reaching for him. He sat on his lap and told Santa he wanted a blue car and a blue airplane. The lady snapped another photo and so we ended with this one:

Frequent things he's saying this month:

  • Oh yes!
  • Sure, sure can!
  • Oh yes, sure can mommy!
  • I had so much fun today!
  • Need tissue!!!
  • Uh oh, need napkin! (he can't stand anything on his hands)
  • Get hugs and kisses?
  • Bless you (after someone sneezes)

Things that cracked us up this month:

  • One of his Leapfrog videos says "W stands for Whiney Walrus". Tyler said "whiney like Tyler".
  • We were at my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner and we asked Tyler if he wanted to say the prayer. He prayed "thank you for mommy, daddy, Mimi, papa and the eagle". Not sure where the eagle bit came from.
  • Papa asked him "where's my kiss?", Tyler pointed to Papa's mouth and said "right there!".
  • Papa said "Tyler doesn't like presents does he?" and Tyler exclaimed "yes I do!".
  • He's been obsessed with washing his cars in the bathroom sink. One night we had guests over and I could hear Tyler in the bathroom with the sink running. I figured he was just washing cars. A little bit later he comes walking out with our guest's shoes soaking wet!
  • Ty and I went out on a date to Panera Bread. While eating, he yelled "Poop!!!". I rushed him to the bathroom, held him over the potty and he yells "Oh no, my poop is stuck!" I have no idea where that came from as he pooped right away, but everyone in the bathroom got a kick out of it.
  • He pooped and I said "wow, that's a big poop!". He stood up and said "let me see... wow, that's an amazing poop, that's an Amazing poop mommy!".
  • I took Tyler to the science center and after I pulled into the parking lot he said "great job driving mommy!".
  • I pointed in one of his books and said "oh look, a 2 year old just like you but he's wearing a diaper and you're wearing underwear." and Tyler said very enthusiastically "Excellent!".
  • I let him try his first chocolate dessert and he said "I like it mommy, I like it! More chawquit?". He's definitely my child!
  • I looked at the video monitor one night and was shocked to see his nakey butt. He took his pants off! Maybe he was hot?

This month in photos:

This month in video:

Video:  Oh me gosh!

Video:  Tyler kissing a fish

Video:  Tyler strumming a guitar

Video:  Tyler dancing