Wednesday, November 26, 2008

IVF#3 - FSH Day 9 Monitoring

Just got my results from today's day 9 monitoring.

E2: 3800 (up from 2386 yesterday, so much better than last 2 IVFs, but still creeping up there)
LH: 1.5 (good)
P4: 0.4 (great)

They counted 14+ follies at 12-17mm.

I addressed my concern of having a history of e2 going sky high at my appt. On the call, they said no Gonal-f tonight and drop down to 1 Menopur in the morning. Gosh they are on top of things here! I have a day 10 monitoring appt tomorrow morning. Looks like I'll trigger either Thur or Fri and have egg retrieval on Sat or Sun.

I was told to drink tons of water and eat lots of protein and salt. So we're going to a steakhouse tonight. They have live music and a dance floor which is just going to drive us bonkers to not be able to get out there and dance. Kerry said, you know it's going to drive me crazy to not be able to dance with you. I said, well, I can do a little dancing as long as I don't shake my egg makers too much. He laughed and said, yeah, instead of your money makers, or shall we say money spenders. He's got that right!!! We've already spent the kid's college and wedding fund before the little one has even been conceived.

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