Thursday, March 1, 2012

18 Month Photos

Here's the photos from Tyler's 18 month professional shoot.  We went with a businessman theme as he loves all things iphone, ipad and computer related.

Maybe it wasn't such a great idea starting with the iphone as it took hundreds of shots just to capture a few with him looking up.  It was like it was just him and the iphone in the room, no one else existed!

Mr. President

This expression compliments of the ipad we were just about to hand him!

This one below has to be one of my favorites!

It was a really hard day at work!

I wonder if they'll be able to do their signature trick at the 2 year photo shoot?  Kerry better get pumping some iron!

Big steps for such a little businessman!

A much needed coffee break.

Making a ringy-dingy on the calculator!

A client meeting.

Making a quick call on his Elmo phone.

If only you could hear the laughter in the room during this moment as Tyler had a very serious talk with a vendor.

Getting him to sit here was not easy, we pulled out every trick in the book.  I'm glad you can't see how insanely goofy I had to get behind the camera.

Check out this next phone call, the boy really gets into his calls!

Board meeting

Yeah, good meeting!

Simplifying his client's investment options.

Cracker break

Taking a break with Austin and Kadi.

Finally, a professional photo of the siblings!

A quick family shot.  Dang my hubby is short!

James Bond Jr.

Hasta la vista baby!

He was quite disappointed to find the entire book blank.