Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tyler: 22 Months

March 24-April 23, 2012 (21 to 22 months old)

What's new with Tyler?
  • He's getting fast!  I used to be able to walk the same speed he ran, now I have to jog to keep up.
  • He recognizes numbers 1-10.  He can't count yet, but he says the number when I point to it.
  • He's showing interest in shapes.  He knows heart, circle and oval.  He points out circles and ovals all the time.
  • He loves pointing out facial features on us and himself, specifically the nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, chin, ears and hair.
  • He discovered nose picking.  =(
  • Every night after I put him to bed, he throws all his blankets overboard and then reaches through the slats and pulls them back in, over and over.
  • His obsession with cars grows by the day.  One day I did a google search on cars via google images and he went nuts.  While grinning ear to ear, he exclaimed "Cars!  Cars!  Ohhhh cars!  Cool cars!  I love cars!".  Now every time he sees my laptop, he begs me to look at cars.

Video:  Googling cars

  • He loves holding my hand.  Every time we go to the park, he holds my hand the majority of the time we're there.  He loves going down the side by side slides as he doesn't have to let go of my hand.  I will miss this when it ends.
  • He loves sauerkraut!  He won't touch yogurt, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, but he'll devour kraut, hot or cold, even mixed with strawberries.

Video:  Eating kraut and strawberries

Video:  Digging for kraut

  • He started announcing every time he's about to poop.  We'll hear "poop!" and then his face turns bright red and he starts grunting.


New signs:
  • Sand
  • Grass
  • Mountain
  • House
  • Pillow
  • Work
  • Light On
  • Light Off
  • Airplane
  • Motorcycle
  • Helicopter
  • Animal
  • Hippo
  • Giraffe
  • Kangaroo
  • Caterpillar
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Pear
  • Raspberry
  • Egg
  • Bean
  • Bread
  • Ice Cream
  • Fork
  • I gave up on keeping track of his new words, he's a talking machine.  
  • He mimics us all the time and will pretty much say anything we ask him to.
  • He's finally saying milk instead of maa maa, it's actually more like moo-k.  
  • He's come up with his own names for his grandparents.  All grandpas are Papa.  My mom went from Grammy to May-me and then Mimi.  My MIL went from Grandmomma to mom mom mom.  My stepmom went from G-ma to Ga-mom.
  • He's really into possession.  Mama's car, Dada's car, Mimi's car, Papa's Car, Mom Mom Mom's car, Mama's shoes, Dada's shoes, Ty Ty's shoes, etc.
  • Mama, Dada or Ty Ty is almost always included in his sentences.  Mama play, Dada play, Ty Ty eat.
  • He started referencing us in plural.  My mamas, my dadas.  He gets this from us saying things like yeah, that's mama's car.
  • He says "whoa!" all the time.
  • He's really into greetings and salutations.  He says hi, hi-eeee!, hey! and bye bye while waving whenever someone comes or goes.
  • His most used word is "more".  He always wants more of whatever he's asking for.
  • He's given everyone the middle name car.  Mimi-car, Papa-car, etc.  As I've said, he's obsessed with cars!
  • I got my very first "I love mama" and "I love my mama"... my heart completely melted!  But I wasn't his first love.  It went like this; "I love you Tyler" and he replied "I love cars".  Occasionally he'll reply "I love Ty Ty", haha!
  • He loves reading the letters of words out loud.  The first time he did this really shocked me.  He pointed to a sign at TGIF and said k-i-t-c-h-e-n.  It was one of those moments where you're standing there in disbelief and think did he really just do that?  He then spelled out cottage cheese to his grandmother.


We took Tyler to see the horses in their stalls at Dixie Stampede.  The last horse we looked at looked us right in the eye, turned around, lifted his tail and took a big dump.  Tyler laughed and then signed/said "again!!!!".  A week later, I out of the blue asked him "Tyler, what does a horse do?" and he replied "poop!".

Video:  What does a horse do?

One day Tyler tooted, looked at us with a big grin and proudly said "Ty Ty Fart!".  He now announces it anytime anyone toots, "Dada Fart!", "Ty Ty Fart!".  One time he bent over, tooted and said "Uh oh, Ty Ty Fart!".

He started picking his nose this month.  The first time I saw him do it, I asked him what he was digging for and he said "booger".  Then one day I asked him to quit picking his nose, he walked up to me, grabbed my finger, stuck it up his nose and said "mama pick nose".

This month in photos:

I love how the simplest things, like a jacket tied around his waist, make me smile.

This kiddo LOVES doing his trick!  He asks for it, "trick!", then says "trick, again!".

He was definitely like a kid in a candy store, but he could have cared less about the candy!

He played with this car from the candy store for hours nonstop for days.

Playing trucks, every surface is a road.

Or a bridge!

Is this my child that has fallen asleep outside of his crib???

And again while playing on my iphone?

And again in the living room?  Who took my kid?


Tyler and his Mimi-car

This month in video:

Video:  Poor man's horse ride

Video:  Loves to dance and loves his daddy to dance with him.  I just noticed he's signing bubbles to the Bubble Wash song.

Video:  Puzzle whiz

Video:  Ticka ticka ticka