Monday, November 17, 2008

IVF#3 - Suppression Check

I am a dandelion. Remember the childhood rhyme we used to say before beheading a dandelion? “Mama had a baby and its head popped off”, then you popped the dandelion head off with your thumb and it would go flying. I feel like someone has popped my head off. Where in the world did such a morbid rhyme come from anyway?

What a crazy, crazy day! It started off with frantically trying to find someone that could do my ultrasound today, I had no luck. Then Kerry called back the clinic that had just told me they had absolutely no availability, he begged them and said “it will take you 5 minutes to wand my wife”. I immediately took the ostrich pose.

He actually got me the appt, now I would have to face them. Next I had to schedule blood work, no problems there, but I needed to get there like right then. My ob/gyn has bent over backwards for me throughout this entire process, I asked for it, she prescribed it. I just had to do something nice for them. So I ran to the kitchen and mixed up a batch of cookies, threw them in the oven and ran to blow dry my hair. As soon as the oven when off, I grabbed the cookies and ran out the door. I got my blood drawn and they were so thankful for the cookies. I rushed back home and worked for a few hours and then ran to my ultrasound. They were so nice, and thankfully I was so frazzled from the last few days that I totally forgot about my husband’s conversation with them.

So for my results…

Estradiol (needs to be less than 50): less than 20
Progesterone (needs to be less than 1): 0.54
Ultrasound: no cysts, 2 micro follicles

I faxed this off to CCRM and got the call that everything looks great and I can start stims tomorrow. What, tomorrow??? I busted my tush getting everything done today so I could start stims tonight and get off this lupron before it over-suppresses me. But they want me starting stims with a full day, meaning menopur in the morning and gonal-f/lupron/dex at night. Oh well, what’s another day at this point. This will be my new regime starting tomorrow and will continue for about 10 days:

Next I had to book all my travel and schedule my first monitoring appt. Thankfully this went well and I got some great deals considering this was last min. I fly out Thur Nov 20 at 6am and my first monitoring appt is 9:30a Fri @ CCRM. OMG, OMG, OMG, it’s finally here!

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