Wednesday, November 12, 2008

IVF#3 - Acupuncture Blooper

Today I went to my 4th acupuncture appt and I had this new guy who I’ve only seen one other time. In addition to the uterine blood flow points, he said he wanted to do several stress points because he could tell I’m stressed out. Then he asked me to undress down to my panties and bra and I said “are you SERIOUS???”. I’ve done acupuncture for a year now and have never been asked to remove clothing. He said that since I had stretchy pants, I could just pull the pant legs up but he needed to get to my entire back for the stress points. He left the room so I could remove my shirt and have time to lay on the table. I thought, well, I’ll be laying on my stomach, he’ll only see my back, so I took my shirt off. Then I had a panicking thought, when was the last time I shaved my pits??? I took a quick peek and Ohhhh H E double hockey stick NO, that shirt was going right back on. He walked in and I was lying on the table with shirt on but hiked up and I said, sorry dude, the shirt stays.

So tomorrow is my suppression check. This is where they’ll ultrasound my ovaries to make sure they are nice and quiet, no cysts. They’ll measure my uterine lining and hopefully count micro follicles. They’ll check my estradiol and progesterone. Estradiol should be less than 50 and progesterone less than 1. With this particular protocol, you have suppression check the day of or day after you start your period. I’m fearing this more than anything, getting wanded while on your period has got to rank up there on the scale of humiliation. I’ve chosen to view this as a warm up to pushing out a baby. If I pass, I get to start stims. One big problem, there is no sign of auntie flo in sight. I was thinking, they are putting my body in a menopause state, doesn’t menopause mean no period? For the past 3 years I’ve begged her to stay away, now that I’d appreciate a visit, she’s flown the coop. I’ve tried teasing her with the home pregnancy tests, that usually always gets her attention. I guess I need to put on my sexiest undies, some white pants and go to the mall with no protection. You know me, I have a backup plan. I have another suppression check scheduled for Fri in case auntie is late, but she’s pushing it because I need to start stims Sat in order to not interrupt my travel plans which is to depart Monday. I already have the hotel booked and have a travel agent standing by ready to book a last min flight/car as soon as I say go.

Tonight will be my 8th lupron injection and I feel pretty darn good. If this is menopause, yeahhh…I can handle it.

Hope to give you suppression results soon…

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