Friday, April 29, 2011

Tyler: Week 42

April 6-April 12, 2011 (41w-41w6d old)

A very short Tyler update:

  • He decided he's ready for a little non-pureed/mashed food.  I've been giving him small chunks of banana and he's loving it.  He gums it for awhile with eye brows raised and then opens wide like a baby bird.
  • His appetite has stepped it up a notch.  We're now giving him a snack between lunch and dinner.  His absolute favorite snack is banana.  He hasn't slowed down a bit on the nursing.  On top of 3 meals and a snack, he's still nursing about 10x/day.

This week in photos:

Toys are no longer for play, they're all props to help him stand/walk.

A play date with Savannah

This is Tarryn trying to console 2 babies in the process of melt downs.  Tyler saw Savannah nursing and threw a real wing ding.  This is the first time he's seen another baby nurse.  Then Savannah threw her own wing ding as Tyler was interrupting her milk time.

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler flirting with Savannah

Video:  Daddy and Tyler - I'm going to get you!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tyler: Week 41

March 30-April 5, 2011 (40w-40w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He's gotten really good at walking with his walker.  He runs over everything in his path until something stops him in his tracks.  I then have to turn him around and he takes off again.
  • He's taking up to 6 steps on his own.  Most of the time it's just 1 or 2 and then he crashes, but he has managed up to 6 on occasion.  I guess he's continuing to follow in his Daddy's footsteps with walking at 9 months.
  • He can walk while holding my finger although still pretty wobbly.

Mama Update:

  • You guessed it, Lefty is blocked again!  Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!
  • I guess what they say about 9 months on, 9 months off is pretty accurate.  9 months later I'm finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I started off at 117.5, ended at 154 and now I'm at 116.  This was with NO effort or exercise, so I'm sure I could have gotten it off sooner had I tried, but like I had the time or energy to do anything beyond working a full time job, taking care of an infant and being an around the clock milk bar.  AF returning at 6 months, ie hormones balancing out, seems to be the turning point of where those last stubborn 11 pounds fell off.  I noticed that all of my clothes were hanging off of me and finally got the courage to get on the scale again.  Unfortunately I've lost almost all my muscle as well.

This week in photo:

Yes, that is singular.  I unbelievably only have ONE photo of him this week!

Tyler knows and loves his milk.  It doesn't matter if I say it, spell it or sign it, he goes crazy and launches a boob attack as soon as he sees/hears the word.  This week his baby signing video was playing in the background while he was playing.  As soon as the tv said milk, he stopped dead in his tracks and was glued to the tv.

This week in video:

I just spent hours going through all the videos of Tyler this week, I now see why I only have 1 photo of him, I spent all my time with my flip video trying to capture those first steps.  Here are some of my favorites.

Video:  Tyler practicing walking

Video:  Tyler practicing walking

Video:  Tyler taking 2 steps

Video:  Tyler chit chatting while eating

Video:  Tyler clearing his nose

Video:  Crazy boy in his jumperoo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tyler: Week 40 (9 Months Old)

March 23-March 29, 2011 (39w-39w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He turned 9 months old on March 23!
  • He started using his pincer to pick up very small objects, like a piece of lint.  He then contains it in a tight closed fist as if he's being sneaky and hiding it from me.
  • He started making the cutest popping noises, looks like mouthing "mama".
  • He's learned how to break his fall while sitting, he reaches his hand back and stops himself from tipping over.
  • He's starting to take a small step or two while standing on his own.
  • He discovered the toilet.  I caught him leaning over with both hands playing in the toilet water as I was running his bath.  Ewe!
  • He finally decided he likes fruit this week!  He now likes cantaloupe and combinations of apple, pear, banana and blueberry.

9 Month Well Visit:

All is perfect!

Weight:  17 lb 13 oz, 9%
Length:  28.5", 57%
Head Circumference:  17", 4%

Mama Update:

Blocked ducts in Lefty, AGAIN... and for the first time a lovely fever to go with it.  It took several days to get it unblocked.  =(  Am I the only one out here that gets blocked ducts over and over again in just one boob???

This week in photos:

Tyler taking a self portrait!

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler's fake laugh

Video:  Tyler saying mama