Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 Year Photos

Tyler's 2 year old professional photos, taken on July 16, 2012 by Jenny Lindsey Photography.

All of our previous photos shoots were challenging, it was so much work getting Tyler to look at the camera and smile.  He was always into what he wanted to do and nothing else mattered.  Oh the stuff we did to get him to laugh... I have a vivid memory of us jumping up and down acting like gorillas on the side of a road with cars going by.

This session was different, day and night different.  Tyler was a complete ham and was basking in all the attention.  He not only smiled and looked at the camera, he actually posed and worked the camera, and for the entire 2 hrs in the heat!  ~ Happy parents!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tyler: 25 Months

June 24-July 23, 2012 (24 to 25 months old)

2 Year Well Visit:
  • Weight:  24 lbs  (10th %tile)
  • Height:  33.5"  (35th %tile)

Judging by this photo, you would think that my child was a walk in the park at his well visits.  Ummm... NO!!!  Prior to this he had a complete meltdown just because the nurse wanted to listen to his heart.  iPhone to the rescue once again!

What's new with Tyler?
  • He's always making sure we do the same things.  If daddy takes off his shirt after work, he says "Ty Ty, shirt off too?".  If we put socks on him, he wants us to put socks on as well.
  • He prays before bed with the cutest prayer ever.  Dear Geez-e-us, bank you for me, bank you for mama, bank you for dada, bank you for mimi, papa, gma, gpa, mom-mom-mom and mama Betty, in Geez-e-us name, AMEN!!!.  Occasionally he also says he's thankful for cars and milk.
Learning Skills:

  • He doesn't have the fine motor skills to be able to sign the alphabet yet, but he shocked me that he knows the entire alphabet when I sign it, even out of order.
  • He knows all his colors in sign.
  • He's known the upper case letters for awhile, but now he knows all of the lower case letters as well.
  • He can recite the entire alphabet.
  • He can count to 20.  He can't say 13 yet, so he says 14 twice.
  • He read his first word, stop, and not on a stop sign.  He recognizes the word everywhere.
Most used sentences:
  • How are you?
  • See you later alligator.
  • Hi Homey!

Finally, at 2 yrs, he's sleeping through the night!!!!  It never felt so good to get a full night's sleep.  I just basically had to have anyone but me go hold him when he woke up in the middle of the night.  If he couldn't have me, he didn't want anyone, so he would just point to the crib and say night night.  After 2 weeks, he gave up and started sleeping through the night.  < singing hallelujah! >

4th of July:

We celebrated the 4th of July with friends at an amphitheater.  Savannah and Tyler had a blast dancing to the band.  The band was pretty loud so many times I couldn't hear Tyler when he was trying to tell me something.  After awhile he resorted to signing to me!  Other than a random sign here and there, he really doesn't sign much anymore, so it was so cool to see him in action.  He has quite the memory.

At dark, he experienced his first firework display.  He was mesmerized by it and for weeks would say "boom boom, boom boom, see fireworks?".  

  • Whenever he gets hurt, or when he just wants a kiss, he points to a knee or whatever and says "kiss it!"  We kiss it and then he says in the cutest toddler voice, "all better".
  • He says "thank you" every time he hands us something.  A little backwards, but super cute.
  • We took Tyler to his first outdoor concert.  There was a family sitting on a blanket diagonally from us who had a 6 year old playing with monster trucks.  Tyler could not stop pointing and starring at those trucks, he wanted them so bad.  I told him to go show the boy his toy motorcycle and see if they could play with each other's toys.  He slowly walked over and showcased his motorcycle, spun the wheels and played it's revving sounds.  He was really selling it!  For awhile it seemed as if the boy was going to ignore Tyler, it was so heartbreaking, but Tyler kept displaying his motorcycle until the boy was intrigued.  They ended up swapping toys and Tyler played with the monster trucks all night.  He was quite the salesman.
  • One day he looked at my chest while I was getting dressed and said "Hello milk!  How are you?".  I laughed so hard!  Speaking of milk, I finally threw out my 9 frozen bags of breastmilk I had worked so hard to collect back when Tyler was a wee little one.  I was sad to throw them out, all that effort collecting when I barely had enough to feed Tyler, and I didn't even use it!
  • One day the nanny was changing his diaper and he pointed to his "part" and said "big tee-tee!".  I about died!  That same week, he told Mimi that "daddy has a big tee-tee!".  I guess he's become more aware of his anatomy this week. 
This month in photos:

We sadly had to say goodbye to our super nanny after a wonderful year.

Tyler giving his Tildy a hug goodbye

Bye bye Rachel

A sweet kiss goodbye

This is how I found my child!  Looks like he's ready to workout to Richard Simmons!

Hanging out with his Gpa

This month in video:

Video:  In the real world, the lion would eat the cow.
In Tyler's world, the lion helps himself to a drink of milk.

We were given The Book of Birthday Questions.  Each birthday you video them while asking them a list of questions for that year.  While I seemed to have caught him off guard by throwing so many questions at him, I can see how this will be so cool to look back on when he's older.

Please excuse the nose picking and ignore the fact that we are bribing him with Puffs.

Video:  The Birthday Questions part 1

Video:  The Birthday Questions part 2
(I just noticed he signs motorcycle, pillow and go)

I think he loves being serenaded by his Mimi