Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tyler: Week 44 (10 Months Old)

April 20-April 26, 2011 (43w-43w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He's officially walking!!!  He's wobbly, out of control and walks like a drunk Frankenstein with a really wide gait.  It's hilarious!  Sometimes he walks sideways.  Most of the time he walks way too fast.  He doesn't watch where he's going and frequently trips over his toys.  We're experiencing lots of head bumps this week.

And he's off and running, completely out of control!


Videos:  Tyler walking (all short clips)

  • I guess he's now bored with his walker, so he started using it to practice walking backwards.
  • Towards the end of the week he started standing up hands free and then takes off walking.  As if walking was a big enough accomplishment, he also started carrying large objects around, which makes him even more unbalanced and funnier to watch.  It's amazing how much he improves every single day.

  • He loves doing backflips.  He lays in my lap, puts his head back and flips over.  If he could talk, I just know he would be saying "again, again!".
  • His babbling is picking up a little more, though it's still mostly squawks, squeals and mama.  There's an occasional ga or ba in there.  No da-da yet, poor Kerry!
  • We introduced him to mango this week.  He loves fresh mango chunks, but did not like it pureed.  We also tried baked squash/apple/pear/cinnamon and it went over really well.
  • He started playing with his food.  He takes a bite, gurgles it, sprays it and squishes it out his mouth.  We've resorted to much smaller bites to prevent being sprayed with food.
  • He's starting to let me know when he prefers milk over solids.  While in his highchair, he turns his head away from the spoon, grabs my shirt, pulls me in and bites my boob.  Not exactly subtle.  He refuses his food until he gets his milk first.
  • He yells at our blender.  Every time we turn it on, he comes over to the gate and yells at the top of his lungs until we turn it off.

Video:  Tyler yelling at the blender (and friend Matilda not too happy about it either)

  • He decided my salad spinner basket was the toy of the week.  (This is also shows him in the process of standing up hands free.)

  • He turned 10 months on April 23!

Other videos this week:

Video:  Tyler's new silly laugh

Video:  Apparently shaking keys is hilarious

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9 Month Photos

Obsessed with weeds

He loves his milk!

This is not photoshop'd, Tyler really is standing in Kerry's hand!

A few Easter shots

I think he taste tested every egg!

All he wanted to do was dump the basket of eggs.

A few Spring shots