Friday, November 21, 2008

IVF#3 - FSH Day 4 Monitoring

I’m in Denver!!!! Today was my first monitoring appt (Day 4).

As a comparison, this was Day 4 on IVF#2:

Lining: 6mm (good)
E2: 668 (way too high)
Eggs: 11 less than 10mm and 2 micros for a total of 13 eggs (good)

Here’s today’s results:
Lining: 7-8mm (good)
E2: 252 (good)
LH: 0.6 (good)
P4: 0.2 (good)
Eggs: 7 @ 8mm, 1 @ 9mm and 2 smaller ones for a total of 10 eggs (good)

I think I’m off to a great start and am very happy with the results! I have acupuncture tonight, it will be my first time having electro-acup so I’m a little nervous. My hubby arrives tomorrow morning, yippppeee!!!! My next monitoring appt is Sun. That’s it for now.

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