Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tyler: Week 3

July 7-July 13, 2010 (2w-2w6d days old)


Same as week 2... nipple shield, pumping and storing/supplementing.

Tyler Update:

Tyler got his first taste of a paci this week.  We caved when he became inconsolable one night.  We use it very sparingly as to not add to more nipple confusion.  He loves it.

Tyler lets out a loud, high-pitched yelp when he yawns.  The first couple of times it scared us to death, but now it cracks us up.

Tyler's blue eyes are brighter and his eye lashes are coming in.  He's starting to make eye contact.

We've tried multiple times over multiple days to get Tyler's hand prints and it has been impossible.  He clenches his fists so tight we feel like we'd break his fingers if we pried them open.  We've even tried when he's sound asleep.

Tyler's legs go crazy when I change his diapers.  They kick all over the place and make diaper time a little challenging.

Tyler provides a warning before the alarm sounds.  He starts breathing really fast and loud.  Once this starts, we have about 10 seconds to soothe him.

Tyler is a really good baby and usually only gets upset if he's hungry or cold.

Gpa and Gma's Visit:

Bye bye Gpa and Gma!  Thanks for all your help!  Tyler misses you!!!

Show and Tell:

Sibling rivalry... Homey says move over Burrito!  Yo quiero mi papa!

Daddy's thumb and Tyler's foot

Mommy and Tyler zonked out

Tyler with G-momma, G-daddy and Great G-momma

The oldest and the youngest of the family

Tyler with Kerry at 3.5 months
I'll have to take this picture again when Tyler is 3.5 months.

Mama Update:

I forgot to weigh myself this week, but I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any additional baby weight.  Seems the rapid weight loss has come to a halt.  I think it's due to the exhaustion which leads me to eat crapola as I'm too tired to fix myself something healthy.  I miss my hubby being home, he fixed me a plate of fruit in the morning, kept my water bottle full and made sure I had a healthy lunch and dinner.  I have got to find time to take better care of myself!  I'm so consumed with making sure all Tyler's needs are met that I forget about my own.

Things are healing nicely "down there".  I'm shocked, it really does go back to normal!  Got a ways to go, but it's going in the right direction. 

I've got a new nickname... Boob!  It's hard for me to get quality cuddle time with Tyler because every time I try and hold him, his mouth opens wide and heads for the boob.  I then only have a matter of mins before the hysteria starts if I don't whip it out.  I'm no longer mommy, I'm Boob!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tyler: Week 2

June 30-July 6, 2010 (1w-1w6d old)


Nothing really new to report this week.  I'm still using the nipple shield at every feeding.  Tyler is still gnawing away at my nipple, but that's ok, as long as he's getting milk.  I'm pumping and storing and supplementing with a bottle when needed.

Well Visit:

Tyler was circumcised at 7 days old in room #7.  He did really well.  This was a lot harder on mama than it was on Tyler.  I didn't think I would be able to stay in the room and watch, but I made it.  It really wasn't that bad and Tyler didn't feel a thing as they numbed him up thoroughly.  Glad that is over with!

Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz - 11th %tile.

Tyler Update:

Tyler lost his umbilical cord stump at 11 days old.  Yeah, now we can give him a real bath!

Tyler had his 1st bath at 11 days old.  OMGosh did this little guy love it!  He just lounged away and let us poor warm water over him.  I think we made him a little too relaxed as he pooped all over his towel shortly afterwards.

Show and Tell:

Tyler and Daddy

Tyler checking out his crib, he loved it!

Big yawn

Tyler's 1st Bath

Busted out of his PJs

El Burrito

Tyler and Grammy

Tyler and Grampy

Tyler and Gpa

Tyler and Gma

Video: Daddy being goofy

Mama Update:

Down an additional 4.5 lbs for a total loss of 28.5 lbs, 8 lbs to go.  My stomach is getting smaller with just a small pooch left.  You can still see a light brown line down the middle.  No stretch marks but my belly button took a beating, it's now wide open, more of a belly cave than button.

I'd been experiencing some pretty serious burning pain "down there" for several days.  Kerry and I got out a mirror and bright light and took a look.  We found a pretty significant tear in my labia that they missed. I went to see the midwife and she said it definitely should have been stitched up, but there was nothing we could do now because it had been past 48 hrs and there is no longer blood supply to the area that would allow suturing.  It will eventually heal, but for now, ouch ouch ouch!  That's 2 tears, one on each labia... who tears there?  Since the perineum massage saved my perineum, I wonder if there is a labia massage out there???

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tyler: Week 1

Tyler is 1 month old today!!!  How is that even possible???  I feel like I just gave birth, blinked and here we are a month later.  I'm trying really hard to get caught up on blogging.  What a relief to have the marathon birth story done, now to catch up on Tyler's last 4 weeks.  Here's week 1 for starters (beginning after our hospital stay).

June 25-29, 2010 (2-6 days old)


I've continued pumping colostrum and syringe feed.  As the colostrum increased and changed to a more watery consistency (transitional milk), I moved to feeding with a bottle.  This is something I did not want to have to do as it just created more nipple confusion and furthered our issues with latching, but I really had no choice since Tyler would not get enough milk with his poor latch.  I've continued to work on his latch at the beginning of each feeding.  He sucks bites on just the nipple and doesn't take in the areola which is so so so painful and gets very little milk out.

Part of my doula's services is to provide a 1 hr. lactation consult after your milk comes in.  So I was very happy when it came in as I was desperate for help.  She checked his latch and suggested we do suck training with him as he's still keeping his tongue back and not putting it over his lower gums.  Basically you stick your finger in his mouth with your finger tip on the roof of his mouth and try to guide his tongue over his lower gums and pull his lips out if they are sucked in.  I can't say this really helped much, or maybe I just didn't do it correctly.  She suggested using a nipple shield which extends the surface area of the nipple to provide baby with more to attach to and also minimize some of the pain.  While my nipples aren't flat or inverted, they are on the small size and are a challenge for him to get ahold of.  She suggested getting a supplemental nursing system (SNS) which is a bottle that holds milk and has thin tubes that run from it to your nipple.  When baby sucks at the nipple, milk from the SNS enters their mouth and provides them with instant gratification and increases their desire to stay at the nipple.  I ordered one.  She suggested adding Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to my vitamin regime to increase milk supply.  Lastly she suggested taking him to the chiro to get his neck and jaw adjusted.

I started using the nipple shield at every feeding as it was the only way he would latch on.  I grit my teeth through every feeding as he chews on my nipple through the nipple shield, but at least he's getting fed.  I found it was best to keep ahead of him and not let him get hungry because once he's hungry, he really tears my nipple up as he gets so aggressive with his suck.  I continue to bottle feed occasionally when he's still hungry after nursing.  After feeding, I pump and store to increase my supply.  I bought a manual pump for the car when I'm stuck away from home and don't have access to the electric pump.  I'm sure it's quite a view with me pumping in the back seat of the car going down the highway.

I added the Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to my regime.  My doula said that Fenugreek makes you smell like maple syrup.  Within one day of taking it, my armpits started smelling like very strong maple syrup.  Kerry loves smelling my pits, lol!  One night I asked Kerry to bring me my nipple butter (an ointment for sore nipples) and he replied with, would you like some pancakes with your maple syrup and nipple butter?  Too funny!

Video: Tyler bottle feeding

Video: Tyler's squeeky bottle feeding

Video: Tyler bottle showdown

Video: Tyler lip smacking good


Tyler has a great working digestive system!  This little man passed all his meconium and solid poop phase in no time and is pooping away with mustard yellow breast milk poo several times a day.  He's definitely a Morris, this little guy can fart like a man!  He makes us laugh so hard.  I'd say he's definitely getting enough to eat judging by the amount of times this guy pees!  We're having a few issues with diaper leaks with all name brands.  We've learned we have to put them on tighter even though we hate how the elastic leaves red marks around his little thighs.  We also learned that we have to point the nozzle down, but he still manages to spring a leak.  That's ok, just means mama gets to put him in another cute outfit.  We haven't been able to start cloth diapering yet as he currently swims in them.

Well Visit:

Tyler had his first well visit at 5 days old and is healthy as could be.  His jaundice is getting better by the day.

Weight:  6 lbs 10 oz - 13th %tile
Length: 20.25" - 58th %tile (I'm pretty sure this measurement is longer than reality as the nurse was sloppy about it, I highly doubt he grew 1.25" in 5 days)

He's up 2 oz from 3 days ago.  Still not back up to his birth weight of 6 lbs 15 oz, but the doctor was not concerned.

What's Tyler like?:

Small!!  So we have this huge closet of clothes for this little guy and almost nothing fits him!  We had to go buy smaller clothes as he was drowning in everything else.

He loves to make faces of all kinds and even unknowingly smiles.  We could sit and watch him all day.

He has crazy arms that uncontrollably flail all over the place.  They are sometimes his own worst enemy as he punches himself or knocks my nipple out of his mouth.  Swaddling is usually required at bed time as his arms keep him awake and frustrated.  He hates getting swaddled, but once swaddled, he becomes very content and peaceful.

He hates being cold and will scream to let you know it.  He loves being hot hot hot, like 95 degrees is perfect.  He loves being wrapped up in cozy blankets.

He does not like to sleep on his back.  He can roll to his side right out of the womb and that's how he prefers to sleep.  He does not like his pack-n-play and insists on co-sleeping with us.  I never thought I would be willing to do that, but I have to admit, I'm loving every minute of it.  I do find myself checking him for breathing throughout the night... mama bear!

Show and Tell:
Mmmm, good knuckle sandwich

Soooo tiny!

He's got daddy's frame.  He loves sucking that bottom lip in!

Kerry washing my pump supplies very early in the morning.
He wasn't wanting to wake up, therefore the shades, lol!

Is that a smile?

Tyler's 1st chiro adjustment

Sweet burrito

Mama Update:

Down 24 lbs at the end of this week, 12.5 lbs to go.  After a few days of extreme urinary incontinence from all the excessive swelling, I'm very happy to say that I'm completely rid of the swelling and incontinence.  I'm shocked at the size of my ankles and legs, they are sooo scrawny compared to pre-pg, I think I lost a lot of muscle.  My belly has gone way down but still has further to go.  The extra skin feels really weird, like sponge.

I've had to deal with the dreaded after birth bowel movement.  I've been unwilling to push as I just can't bear to handle that pain.  The doctor gave me colace twice, didn't work.  Then he gave me milk of magnesia and that did the trick.  Whew!  Still pretty sore down there, but it's looking a lot better.

They weren't kidding when you hear parents of a newborn talk about exhaustion!  OMGosh, it is brutal! Around the clock feedings stop you from ever getting a good amount of deep sleep.  Speaking of sleeping, it's now 1 am, I really should get to bed.  Nighty night!

Birth Story - Part IV: Postpartum

Continued from Birth Story - Part III: The Delivery.

This post covers the 48 hour hospital stay following delivery.

Wednesday June 23, 2010 - Friday June 25, 2010

After a marathon birth, my body was flip flopping back and forth between adrenaline and extreme exhaustion. I was starving, though you would have never known it by looking at me, I looked like I had consumed the grand buffet. I was incredibly sore, ya know, from pushing a miniature human out my who-ha. I could barely get around due to the extreme swelling, it probably would have been easier getting to the bathroom had Kerry just rolled me there. At times I was so delirious I couldn't even focus or marry the thoughts in my head with the words coming out of my mouth. But at the same time, this was the best day of my life. I had finally crossed the finish line.

Tyler was quite the popular little man. He had so many visitors.


Big Brother Austin

Big Brother Austin and Sister-in-law Kadi

Kathy and Paul

Big Sister Sharon, Niece Alyssa and Nephew Mason
Yep, Tyler is already an Uncle!


Tarryn and Tyler's future wife Savannah

Savannah is 4 months old, look at the size difference!

Grammy and Grampy



Midwife Lauren

Midwife Linda 

and many more that we didn't get photos of due to our camera battery dying. Thanks to all that visited!

I was delusional in thinking that the 48 hrs following delivery would mean some much needed sleep and getting some food in us. These 48 hrs were nonstop visitors, nurses, techs, doctors, pediatricians and midwives. I had a nurse and a tech assigned to me and Tyler had a nurse and tech assigned to him. It seemed we had one of these in our room at all times, even through out the middle of the night. They would check my BP, take my temp, push on my uterus, look at my hemmies, measure my urine, etc. For Tyler, they would check his stats and take him to the nursery for weight checks, vitals and tests. We of course could not fathom the idea of him going to the nursery without us, so we gave up sleep opportunities to stay with him at all times. Everyone was soooo incredibly nice. Many times they stopped by just to see if there was anything we needed. But, because it was around the clock for 48 hrs, we were quite zombified.

A few of the midwives stopped by to visit. Apparently our delivery was well known and followed. The midwife that delivered Tyler said this was a delivery she would never forget. The advice of many of the midwives went into our delivery as they bounced ideas off one another, trying to get this baby out vaginally. I am so incredibly grateful to them. While I had c-section written all over me, they did everything they could to try and give me the delivery I wanted. I would have never gotten away with 33 hrs of labor with my water broken with a regular OB. They were the most sincere and nurturing women I've ever met.

To help with the delivery soreness, they provided stretchy underwear and gigantic pads. On top of the pad was an ice pack, then a layer of Tucks and then a layer of antibiotic foam. Kerry helped me apply this every time I went to the bathroom. We laughed so hard because I had to walk with my feet 3 ft apart because of the bulk it created!

I was curious as to what it looked like down there after delivering a baby. So I got a mirror out and took a look. Not so sure that was the best idea. I yelled; Kerry, you have GOT to come look at this! OMGosh, the bruising, the swelling, the stitches, the hemmies... it looked like a road side bomb had gone off down there. All I could think about was how in the world does this go back to normal? I told my midwife I took a look and she said with a chuckle, oh no, you're not supposed to look down there! As far as my belly, I still looked 6 months pg.

At some point, I got out of bed and all of a sudden I felt a stream of fluid. I went to the bathroom and sure enough, I was just peeing away and had no control over it. This happened a couple more times so I called the nurse. She measured my urine and said that it was a significant amount. She said what was happening was that my body was releasing all the fluid build up into my bladder and it was more than my bladder could contain. She described it as an overinflated balloon that just could not hold anymore and would start leaking due to the pressure. Thank God for the gigantic pads!

Tyler did great. He passed all his tests except he did develop some jaundice. The 1st 24 hrs, he pretty much slept the entire time and never once cried. The only time he did cry was when the nicu nurse came in to get some blood from his heel at 3am. She had to get an entire vial worth so she squeezed his heel for what seemed like an eternity while he screamed bloody murder. It about sent me over the edge, I finally broke into tears and begged her to please stop. I now understand a parent's extreme drive to protect their own. As far as breastfeeding, they had Tyler lick at the nipple right after birth and then I attempted to feed him every 3 hrs, though he could never latch on. The lactation consultants worked with him on his latch. His problem is that he keeps his tongue back instead of putting it over his bottom gums, so he ends up biting/gumming the nipple which is very painful and unproductive. We also tried suck training and nipple shields. They ruled out him being tongue tied. They weren't too concerned as a baby really doesn't have to eat the 1st 24 hrs.

The 2nd 24 hrs we worked more on breastfeeding. I still couldn't get Tyler to latch on properly so we called in the lactation consultants. They spent quite a bit of time helping us and after no success on getting him to latch properly, we resorted to pumping. I guess I was naive to think that breastfeeding would just work. I never expected to have to pump to feed him. I thought I would only pump to stock up on extra. My friends Eden and Kal were visiting during this time and got to witness my first go at pumping. Oh how we laughed hysterically as my nipples were sucked in and out of this machine. I got 1cc of colostrum. We sucked this up into a plastic syringe and fed it to Tyler and repeated every 3 hrs. He loved it!

Video Diary: Tyler's 1st feeding

We had one final nicu visit before being released. Tyler weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, down 7 oz from birth. They said it's totally normal for them to lose weight right after birth. All his photos make him look so big, but he's a tiny little thing with huge hands and feet and a long waist. I think he's going to take after daddy. Daddy has already decided he's going to be a basketball player.

Released and going home!

Video Diary: Getting ready to go home

Video Diary: Tyler's homecoming