Tuesday, August 30, 2011

12 Month Photos

Here's the photos from Tyler's 12 month photo shoot.  I just love our photographer!  Enjoy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tyler: 13 Months

June 24-July 23, 2011 (12 to 13 months old)

Well visit @ 12m4d:
  • Weight:  19 lbs.  (15th %tile)
  • Height:  30"  (50th %tile)
  • Head Circumference:  18"  (40th %tile)
Looks like he's going to be tall and skinny like his daddy!

What's new with Tyler?
  • He runs!
  • He can walk up the stairs like an adult with a little assistance.
  • He stands on objects.  He'll stand on a toy and just grin at me.  Then he discovered higher ground.  We've got a climber!  Seems every new motor skill comes with more falling.

  • He loves getting in and out of objects, over and over again.

  • He started sitting in my lap.  He'll walk over, hand me a book and sit in my lap.  When he wants milk, he lays himself in position and yanks at my shirt.
  • He knows how to kick a ball.
  • He started pointing, not exactly with his pointer finger, more like his whole hand.  He loves to point at lights and fans.  He loves airplanes/helicopters and will point and yell at them. 

  • While he's been opening drawers for awhile, he's now suddenly developed a love for removing everything in them.  He can make a room look like a tornado hit it within 10 seconds flat.
  • He pulls and pushes big objects around the house like a kitchen chair, his highchair, etc.  He finally discovered the one I was hoping would take him awhile, the playzone fence I have blocking off no-no zones.
  • He loves carrying around heavy bottles.

  • He's so obsessed with his Dyson and Dirt Devil.  Nothing puts a bigger smile on this kid's face than getting to push one of these around, but oh my goodness, he drools over the Dyson!

  • While nothing tops pushing his vacuum, his grocery cart is a close second.  He provided quite a bit of entertainment for the folks at Sam's.

  • He started giving us a high-5 and low-5.  It seems he's literal like his Mama as when we say "give us high 5", he slaps our hand about 5 times.
  • He unfortunately discovered how to unroll the toilet paper!  =(
  • He's developed depth perception and has become more careful.  He'll run straight at the stairs and stop right at the edge (I'm talking the stairs with 2 steps, we have a baby gate on the large stairs).
  • He started saying hello when the phone rings, or more like Heh-Whoa or El-Lo.  It's so stinking cute.   He also holds the phone to the back of his head every time he "talks" on it.

  • He knows when he's doing wrong.  If we catch him in something he knows he's not supposed to be in, he'll give us a startled uh-oh look.  If I say "what are you doing?" or "what do you got?", he giggles hysterically and runs from me.
  • He understands commands.  I can ask him to put a toy in a basket and he'll do it.  He doesn't always listen, but he does understand.
  • He now takes a shower and loves it.

  • He experienced his first trip to Chuck E Cheese.  His favorite thing was catching the skee balls as they rolled back down.

  • He's getting curls!  He gets his strawberry blonde hair and curls from me, so I guess he has at least one of my genes.

  • He cut his 4th upper front tooth.

  • He has poo-poo'd purees and has moved onto finger foods.  He started feeding himself.  He uses both hands to shove it in hoping to get something in his mouth.  This has freed up some time for me to get a few things done as I'm not tied to the highchair spoon feeding every bite.  Problem is that it's so darn cute watching him eat that I just sit and watch him.  On the downside, he now picks up everything off the floor and eats it, food or carpet fuzz, he's not picky.

New foods this month:

Thumbs up:
  • Eggs, eggs, eggs, this boy loves eggs!  We scramble them in coconut oil and mix in all kinds of veggies like swiss chard, kale, spinach, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, green pepper, onion and garlic.  He eats them like he's famished.

  • Raisins
  • Watermelon
  • Berry smoothie made with almond milk
  • Peeled red grapes
  • Cucumber
  • 17 Bean Soup

  • Quinoa
Thumbs down:
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberries
  • Peaches
  • White potato
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Frozen vanilla yogurt (technically just 1 little taste, he spit it out faster than I could blink)

This month in photos:

Diaper Head

A walk with Daddy

As you may know from his videos, Tyler is very loud, so we sometimes call him Tyler-saurus or Tyler-dactal.  So we found this park dinosaur very fitting.

Tyler turned all our housewares into toys, so we turned it around on him and use his toy as a drawer lock.

Still in his infant car seat, just barely.


This month in video:

Video:  Tyler yelling

Video:  Tyler walking up stairs

Video:  Panty liner thief

Video:  Heh-whoa?

Video:  Hysterical phone conversation