Friday, May 1, 2009

IVF#4 - Tentative Appts Galore!

I touched base with my IVF and local nurse to make sure everything is in order. Between the two of them, they filled my calendar up with appointments, all based on when I estimate AF will show. Fortunately since I'm not on any suppression meds, there's a good chance that I've estimated correctly. But you know AF, she loves causing trouble.

So here's my tentative schedule:

May 4/5: CD1
May 5/6: Suppression Check (local)
May 6/7: Start Stims
May 9: Flight to Denver
May 11: Day 5 Monitoring
May 12: Day 6 Monitoring, Consult with IVF Nurse, Genetic Counseling
May 13: Day 7 Monitoring
May 14: Day 8 Monitoring, Physical
May 15: Day 9 Monitoring
May 16: Day 10 Monitoring
May 17: Day 11 Monitoring
May 18: Egg Retrieval
May 19/20: Fly back home

Somewhere in there, we also have to complete our communicables and Kerry has to give a backup sperm sample. Yep, that means he'll have to do his "procedure" twice. Poor guy! (insert rolling eyes)

Still need to order my meds. Guess I'll have to do that Monday. I'll receive them Tuesday and possibly have to start them Wednesday. Still need to book hotel/car. Obviously I'm much more layed back this cycle.

In other news, my college final exam is May 10 and as hard as I tried to get far enough ahead to be able to take the exam early, it's not going to happen. Since I do not need any extra stress to accompany the stress of IVF, I've decided to pay the fee to extend the course by 4 weeks. Looks like I'll be studying in Denver. Yeah right, who am I kidding, I'll have my nose in the internet researching my progress.

Kerry and I will be working from the hotel. Huge blessing that we can both work remotely. I got a feeling there will be no boredom during this trip.


  1. Don't you hate that the one time you want AF to come, it doesn't?! I'm glad you could postpone your final exam! I hope AF comes soon!

  2. Woohoo! Let's get this party started! Can't wait to see how it goes for you:)

  3. Yay! Hoping you'll be right on schedule. We both worked from the hotel as well and it worked out ok, although one of us sometimes had to do conference calls from the bathroom if we both had them at the same time :-). It would usually be me and I'd multi-task by soaking my feet in warm water in the bath to improve blood flow. Let this be your cycle!!!!

  4. It always feel like progress is being made when appts are set. Sounds like it was worth extending the exam. Can't wait to hear the updates on the trip. How's the sunburn? Love you!

  5. I know it feels good to have those appointments made! I'd be just like you, unable to possibly study while in Denver. Let yourself off the hook for that for sure!

  6. I always feel so positive and "in charge" once I have actual dates and a calendar and appointments set up! Good luck! Can't wait to follow your updates!

  7. I am excited for you and this upcoming cycle!! Getting your calendar seems to make it that much more real and gives you a plan, which I always like (I'm such a planner)! Things are ramping up and I have crossed everything for you and will be following your progress along closely. GL!!

  8. Hey there!
    I almost need to take a nap after reading your busy schedule...OMG! I don't know how you keep track of all the things going on in your life, that's NUTS! I gave my boy, Rock, a bath yesterday and that alone caused me to take a 2 hour nap! I must be getting old. Well...I will be praying for you as you enter this phase of "God, please bless us with a baby to love and raise!" Best wishes and good-luck on your journey to you both!
    You are officially excused from Lance and Jenny's wedding and I'm sure you will be hearing all about it with pictures too. You will, of course, still be invited and welcomed if your "life-load" gets an opening!
    Well, take care and know you're in my heart and prayers forever and a day-Love Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxo

  9. WOW!! I'm tired just looking at your schedule!!! Hoping that today starts the next process with the absolute BEST results!!! Will be watching, praying, hoping and waiting with you.

    The Other Jill


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