Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IVF#4 - Let The Stress Begin

*** Monday ***
I woke up to mild AF crampiness and thought, perfect, AF is actually going to cooperate this time. I cancelled my Tue morning backup flight to Denver. My suppression check was scheduled locally for Tue morning. I ordered my meds. I even started a post celebrating that everything was falling into place.

As the hours passed, there was no sign of AF, where'd she go? It was nearing closing time for the clinic, so I emailed CCRM asking when is the latest I can start AF tonight and still consider tomorrow cd2. They told me as long as I start by 9p, the next day would be cd2, if after 9p, consider the next day cd1. Kerry watched the clock, he would tell me how much time I had to start in order to not mess up our plans. Thankfully I had left my excited post as a draft since AF never showed.

*** Tuesday ***
I have my cd2 suppression check scheduled for 9a. I had to wait till 8:30a for them to open so I could call and cancel. The panic had not set in yet because my local nurse told me last week, that if I was unable to keep my Tue appt, to just call her and she would force me into the schedule for Wed even though there were no openings. I had to leave a message cancelling my appt and asking to reschedule for Wed.

The nurse calls me back and says that she has no openings whatsoever and cannot get me in, but to call her in the morning to see if anything has changed. Great, so I won't know until literally last minute if they can even get me in. I started welling up. Why does all of this have to be so difficult? Basing an appt all around AF and only being able to do the u/s on cd2 is so stressful.

The nurse must of sensed my desperation as she called me back 30 seconds later and said she would try her hardest to get me in, even if she has to send me to another clinic, hospital or doctor, but she wouldn't be able to let me know until the morning. I appreciate her, but if she is unable to get me an appt, I won't know until the last minute.

What's even more stressful is that there's still no sign of AF. I have tested so no I'm not pg. Here starts the count down again, I have until 9p. I will just die if my nurse gets me the appt tomorrow and I have to tell her I need to cancel again. Dang AF!

While I'm danging AF, I might as well dang all my spotting this cycle. Dang spot! I started spotting earlier than I have ever spotted in my 41 cycles of charting, 6dpo to be exact. That means I've been spotting for 9 days! All those *'s on my chart is spotting. Me and my panty liners have become one.

Ok, I'm sure you're sick of me venting by now. Please send me AF vibes!

*** Update ***
I called around and literally begged for someone to have mercy on a poor pathetic little IVFer. I am so relieved to report that I found someone who wanted to help even though they were completely booked. Geez, with every clinic booked solid, am I in the dildo-cam hub or what? So I mananged to get an 8am u/s scheduled for both Wed and Thur. After what I went through today, I went ahead and made the Thur appt as well. I'm not taking any chances on AF screwing me up again if she doesn't arrive tonight. Take that AF! Huge sigh of relief!


  1. AF must be visiting the West Coast today b/c you and I are in the same boat - but though I am late, I still have a few days to make my calendar...so I'll pray she makes it your way first! I so so so hope you get her. My mayan abdominal massage lady said to drink some very strong ginger tea, which usually starts contracting the uterus a little and always brings on AF for her...so there is an idea. You still have hours - try not to stress - and I hope she comes ASAP!

  2. Dang AF! Dang spotting! Dang IF! IF stinks! I am hoping that AF shows her ugly face soon!

  3. I'm glad you got those appointments! It's so frustrating to have to deal with the appointments sometimes!

  4. Funny how things change and you not only want AF, but NEED her to show up. I'll be saying a extra special prayer for your visit...:)

  5. First and foremost I really hope AF shows up asap!!! Can you get in for some accupuncture in the morning. That always helps me.

    I have endo and I spot for most of my cycle. Do you count the day you start spotting as day 1? I was trying to read your chart. I need to either get a lap again or figure something out. I wear a liner for most of the month. I hate it!!!!

  6. Ditto on the acupuncture. That always gets my period going when AF is reluctant to show. I used to be the spotting queen when I had fibroids. I would spot almost through my whole cycle! Hope it all works out. HUGS!!

  7. Maybe it is a special message to go and have some 'special time' with K. I've often heard that O'ing will help bring her on.

    She did this to me last week. What finally did it was drinking coffee and wine and breaking all the rules. LOL.

    Come on AF!!!

  8. Come on AF!! Show up already! Yay that you got those appointments set up. You don't need any more stress at this point!

  9. Soo... I can't wait, the suspense is killing me:) did she show yesterday??

  10. I was getting stressed out just reading your post.... I'm so glad you've made those two appointments. The last thing you need right now is more stress. I hope AF makes an unequivocal appearance any minute now and you can move forward with the well-laid plans. Sending lots of vibes to you.

  11. I hope that AF showed up for you and that you can move onto the next part of your cycle. It is SO STRESSFULL trying to predict when AF will show up because that is what sets the cycle. Even if you are regular, all the hormones and the stress alone will shift things and one day on either side matters!! I hope she showed up for you!

  12. Okay, I give. The only thing I figured out is that AF is a female and she's not very reliable when she's suppose to show up. Have you tried bribing her yet? Best wishes to you both and may you finally get together.
    Take care, love you, love me.


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