Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IVF#4 - Final Embryo Report

Hello Peeps,

I talked to the head embryologist today about my 4AA frozen blast from my previous cycle. I verified that it was vitrified and not slow frozen, so that's good. I asked him what kind of stress would be put on this embryo to thaw it, biopsy it and revitrify it. He said that is hard to quantify into a percentage but they have done this about a dozen times, the embryos have always survived and that they haven't lost any. He said the unknown is if it affects implantation, though they have had ones that did implant.

Vitrification is so new that they just don't have a lot of data on this. Many patients are opting to biopsy their previously slow frozen embryos so they can know which ones to transfer and avoid unsuccessful FETs. He said his gut feeling is that it would be fine.

If we biopsy it today, it will be at no additional cost because it will be included in our current cycle. If we choose to biopsy it at a later date, it will cost $5000! We gave him the go ahead to biopsy it. We both just really want to know so that we can make a more informed decision when it comes to transfer.

I had my embryo report faxed to me, here's the final results:

#Day 3Day 5Day 6
110-cell grade 4- Arrested
210-cell grade 3+ Arrested
39-cell grade 4 Arrested
48-cell grade 44AA Blast, Biopsied, Vitrified 
58-cell grade 4 Early Level 2 Blast, Poor Quality, Arrested
68-cell grade 4- Arrested
77-cell grade 4-Morula4BB Blast, Biopsied, Vitrified
87-cell grade 3 (fertilized late) Arrested
96-cell grade 4-Compacting4BB Blast, Biopsied, Vitrified
105-cell grade 3+ Arrested
114-cell grade 4 Early Level 1 Blast, Poor Quality, Arrested
IVF#36-cell grade 4-Early Level 1 Blast4AA Blast, Vitrified, Thawed, Biopsied, Vitrified

Pretty interesting seeing which embryos on day 3 made the cut. I guess greater than 8 cells does not equal a better embryo, and don't underestimate the slow pokes.

Let the countdown begin...

PS... thanks Friends/Family for your cheery comments!!!

******************** Update ********************

The lab called and said my embryo thawed beautifully, was biopsied and revitrified. They said its grade remains a 4AA. Wahoo!


  1. That is awesome news about the additional embryo! It is very interesting to see your embryo report and that the best looking ones were the ones that arrested. It goes against logic doesn't it? I hope that the next few weeks fly by and you get your results really quickly!

  2. Well sounds like right now we're, excuse the pun, coasting along. So far this has been a much better ride.
    I like the downhill thrills much better than climbing the hills and not knowing what's on the other side.



  3. Those are very encouraging results. congrats!

  4. Wahooo is right. We are on the countdown with you. This trip has been better all the way.Believing the rest of the ride will be even more exciting.
    Love you bunches,
    Jean and Crew

  5. So glad the first embryo did so well. That was great to hear, along with the others of course. Wow, four little ones, that's a full house you know... :) Great job momma. you're on your way.

    Love you,

  6. Awesome job little embaby!!! I always thought since the last IVF for some reason that that little he/she was going to be a future baby someday....wouldn't it be wild if that little bean ends up being your first born??? That is such exciting news!!

  7. I am following your journey and cheering hard for you! x

  8. And the news just keeps getting better...a sign of good things to come! ;)
    Smiles, Heidi

  9. Awesome! So glad that embie thawed and re-vitrified so well. More great news! That much be a really strong embie! Hopefully it will become you child:)

  10. I love how this gives hope for the slow-growers! Best of luck and so glad the extra embie thawed so well!

  11. Those Day 3 embie stats are mystifying. How will we pass the next two months? This is a cliff hanger, for sure, but things are looking up!!

  12. Thinking about you Jill, Kerry and the snowbabies.

    Hope that you are able to rest and relax some now!

    Take care!

  13. Wooohooo!!! Great report, Jill!!! Praying for continued good news to come your way. ;0)

    The Other Jill

  14. Wow, this all sounds so reassuring! How awesome is it that the one made it through thaw, biopsy and re-vit ... AWESOME! Now you have 4... FOUR! that's great!

    The wait must be grueling! (I know mine was for CGH on oocytes) ... So excited and hopeful for your 4!!



Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill