Saturday, May 16, 2009

IVF#4 - FSH Day 10 Monitoring

Well, we're on the fence again today. My follies have slowed down. I believe there are 3 possibilities:

1. Lowering my stims slowed me down
2. The Ganirelix has slowed me down
3. The last sonographer measured my follies too big

The nurse showed me my chart and said she believes yesterday's sonographer measured large because my top right follie went from 16 to 23 to 21. She said follies don't jump from 16 to 23 in one day. I'm sooooo glad they didn't trigger me last night based on those u/s results! Now we're not even sure if I'm ready to trigger tonight.

Just got my call and we're not triggering! Even though it is royally messing with my travel plans, I really believe I would have had a high immaturity rate if we triggered tonight. No Gonal tonight, this scares me. I hate coasting as I'm afraid it will starve the follies. 1 Menopur in the morning and then back in for day 11 monitoring.

Here's my results:

Lining: 10mm
Right ovary (mm): 11.1, 12.9, 18.1, 18.4, 18.8, 19.4, 20.9
Left ovary (mm): 12.6, 13.4, 13.9, 14.8, 15.3, 15.4, 17.2, 18.1, 19.3
E2: 4048 (here we go again!)
LH: 0.56
P4: 0.9

IVF#3 results as a comparison:

Lining: 10mm
Right ovary (mm): 11.2, 12.3, 12.8, 15.3, 15.8, 17.5
Left ovary (mm): 13, 13.8, 15.1, 15.9, 16.2, 17.3, 18.8, 20.4
E2: 3839
LH: 1.3
P4: 0.66

Here's one of my ovaries. It's the black mass (middle-right). As you can see, there's not much ovary to see anymore, it's all covered in fluid filled follicles. Compared to day 4, quite a difference.

I started a poll on the right just for the fun of it. How many eggs do you think we'll get at retrieval?

Stayed tuned for day 11 monitoring tomorrow.


  1. Won't the ganirelex bring the E2 down a bit? I thought it did.
    I'm glad the nurse figured things out--Lee always reminded me that those ultrasound measurements just can't really be super precise, so it does sound like she just over-measured that one.
    Sorry you're coasting, but I think coasting for one night isn't really a big deal. I think it's more worrisome when it goes on for several nights, like what I did :(

    Hang in there! I'm going to vote now.

  2. Hey good luck with this cycle! I am in the tww for IVF #1 and I can only imagine what your ovaries feel like. That is fabulous amount of eggs! I really hope and pray this one sticks for you guys!

  3. The ultrasounds are so imprecise. I'm glad you had a different result tonight and they are treating things differently, though sorry you had to change travel plans again! This cycle is now officially very different! Don't worry about coasting for one night...and then with menopur in the A.M., that isn't really starving the follies...I think you will get about 18 but about 16 will be mature...?

  4. it is true that different people measure differently plus it isn't an exact science. I am glad they are coasting you out some more.

  5. I voted! They coasted me a little towards the end of my cycle (as in they cut my Gonal F dose from 300 to 150) and things slowed right down so it sounds like they're doing the right thing - slow and steady and let your follies grow a little longer. GL and keep us posted!

  6. Jill,
    I follow your wonderful blog. I am so excited for you and Kerri to have success this time around. Reading your blog is like doing a medical fellowship in fertility treatment!
    I'm still waiting for your book to come out! :)
    Good luck today!
    Tammy (Tams529) VRSG

  7. Hi Jill...
    Today is a new day, and I hope that things work out for you! I love and miss you... hurry home soon!!!

    Love you as big as the sky, Mama

  8. Good luck Jill. Coasting without Gonal F for a day should not do anything bad to your follicles. And you're still taking the Menopur, aren't you? My last Gonal F dose was lowered down to 37.5 - like one click of the pen, which is almost next to nothing!

    Sorry your travel plans are getting messed up! Good Luck!!


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