Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IVF#4 - Egg Retrieval

We got 20 eggs!!!! I'm curious, who's my 3 poll winners?

For those interested in the details...

We showed up for ER and after a short wait, they brought me back and got me prepped with an IV and hooked up to the monitor. They then brought Kerry in. We waited and waited for Dr. G to come in. My anxiety level was going up because I was afraid I was going to ovulate before ER started. It's funny that after 4 IVFs that I still get that fear. The nurse came in at one point and told me I was fine, that there was 40 mins before I'd ovulate. What??? That was cutting it a little too close for me.

My heart beat was all over the place and was sounding like a beat machine. Kerry tried really hard to help with my anxiety level. He was locking and popping to my heart beat and rapping "baby, your heart beat makes wanna dance". How can you not laugh at that?

Dr. G finally shows up about 40 mins late and I said to him "Dr. G, you're making me nervous!". He was all smiles and calmed me down. I asked a couple of questions that had been on my mind over the cycle. I asked him if Ganirelix causes your E2 to drop and he said it definitely does, so that explains how we kept my E2 from soaring this cycle. I could physically feel the difference having my E2 stay lower, no bloating or achy ovaries this time. I asked him about my progesterone being 7 after trigger, and doesn't that mean that ovulation has occurred? He said that when the LH starts to mature the eggs, the eggs start producing P4 and that if they didn't see our P4 go up they would be really concerned. My last question was, how many eggs do you think we'll get? He smiled and said, all of them! Good answer!

They sent Kerry off to do his thing and wheeled me into the operating room, put my legs in big fancy stirrups and out I went. Apparently right before I went night-night, they had bumped into a wall on the way into the operating room and I said "don't make me backseat drive now". Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. As soon as I woke up, Dr. G stopped by to tell me that they got 20 eggs. They then brought Kerry back and here's how I told him:

If I look like a big marshmallow it's because they have a large plastic blanket under the regular blanket with hot air pumping through it. Very nice!

The embryologist stopped by to give us the details they had so far and to see if we had any questions. She was not the one that saw my eggs, so she didn't have any info on them. She did process Kerry's sample so we got the details on it.

Here's his SA for the fresh sample:

Volume: 3.6 ml
Concentration: 30 mil/ml
Total Count: 108 mil
Motility %: 9%
Motility Rate: 2 (with 3 being best)
Total Motile: 9.72 mil
Extremely viscous

After processing; 17% motility with a rating of 3.

She asked us if we wanted to genetically test the embryo we have frozen from last cycle. I told her that we would make that decision after seeing what we get from this cycle.

After eating some crackers and drinking a Sprite, they wheeled me out and we were on our way. I crashed at the hotel and then we packed and headed for the airport. I do have to say, even though I handle anethesia very well, I do not recommend traveling the same day as surgery! The pain was way worse being up and moving around vs. being on bedrest.

CCRM was WONDERFUL! Top notch care! Now I wait anxiously for the fert report! Thanks everyone for all your support!


  1. I have been waiting for your results and kept stalking your blog and waiting for you to post!:) Congrats, Jill! 20 eggs is so awesome!! Take it easy today if you can- you did a lot of hard work to make those little eggs. Can't wait to hear your fert report!!

  2. YAY! I remember getting 20 eggs and making those same hand signs! So excited for you--hoping for a great report today!

  3. Me me me!! I won! :-)

    Yay on the 20 eggs! Can't wait to hear your fert report!!

  4. congratulations on your ER. 20 is great!!! i loved the cute pics of you. i am wishing you the very best. i haven't been around much but i am thinking of you.

  5. Okay, I am wondering what your fert report is....:) Hoping you get it soon so that I can stop stalking you!!:):) haha

  6. I can't help but think your nurse was joking about the 40 minutes?! Here's wishing all your eggs will be fertile and you'll get lots of day 5 embies!! I hope you'll have a few days to rest at home.

  7. WOW!!!!! I was on a short vacation for 3 days last week and spent the past 2 days catching up, so it took me about 15 minutes to go back and read your posts!!!!! So very exciting and what a great ER!!! 20 potential embies!!! I'm praying for you and that you can rest and relax (yeah, right) while waiting for results. From the sound of it, this protocol might be the winner! Hope you're feeling good and staying positive. Will watch (more often!) for updates.
    HUGE congrats, and love from Missouri,
    The Other Jill

  8. I always get freaked out that I am going to ovulate too! I can't help it. I did that last cycle with Dr. M, was almost mad at her when she finally showed b/c I thought my eggs were going to release!

    So happy with the 20! I can't wait for your fert report. I'm finally home from my busy day!

  9. Wow, 20, that is great. love the gaga picture explaining to Kerry how many. I'm sure you wish now you could have stayed one more day, but it all worked out ok for you to at least rest in the room before traveling. Make sure you rest now at home too...still need that rest, don't jump head first into work or school even though they're top on the list with the results from ER.
    Glad everything went well, and can't wait to hear progress.
    Love you.

  10. Great to hear about the 20 eggs.Sure hope you have been taking it easy today. Anxiously waiting to hear the great news about the next step.
    You sure look like you would have been toasty warm under that big blanket.
    Love you,
    Jean and Crew

  11. WAHOO!!! The antagonist protocol worked for me and it's looking good for you! Am off to read the fert report.... And I may have been one who guessed 20. ;)
    Smiles, Heidi

  12. Hey Guys!!! Welcome home!!! 20 eggs...WOW! I will say a prayer for each and everyone of your babies! (I might even name them all) I loved your pics...you looked so happy! Why no pics of Kerry doing his thing...(JUST KIDDING) Anyway, I have a VERY good feeling that this is it, this time things will happen that will bring you what we have all been praying for! I have the feeling in my heart that you, Jill and Kerry, are going to be blessed! Keep the faith! I love ya'll, always and a day...
    Aunt Carol

  13. Such great numbers! I'm glad they were able to keep your E2 down to a normal level--I think that must have helped quite a bit.

    Melinda (from VRSG)

  14. We just went through an egg retrieval that did not go so well. It's all very emotional.

    That is great you got 20 eggs. You should be very pleased. I wish you all the best of luck.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill