Friday, May 22, 2009

IVF#4 - Day 3 Embryo Report

My day 3 report just came in and let me tell you, I swear I have a mini-heart attack everytime I see Denver calling. I'm very happy and relieved as today was a good report, and again, the best we have ever had!

Today we would like the embryos to be at 6-10 cells with 8 cells being perfect.

Day 3 embryo grading:

Grade 4 : even cell division, 0% fragmentation
Grade 4-: even cell division, less than 10% fragmentation
Grade 3+: even cell division, less than 20% fragmentation
Grade 3 : even cell division, less than 30% fragmentation
Grade 3-: even cell division, less than 40% fragmentation
Grade 2+: uneven cell division, less than 50% fragmentation
Grade 2 : uneven cell division, less than 60% fragmentation
Grade 2-: uneven cell division, less than 70% fragmentation
Grade 1+: uneven cell division, less than 80% fragmentation
Grade 1 : uneven cell division, less than 90% fragmentation
Grade 1-: uneven cell division, 100% fragmentation

Here's my results:

10-cell grade 4-
10-cell grade 3+
9-cell grade 4
8-cell grade 4
8-cell grade 4
8-cell grade 4-
7-cell grade 4-
7-cell grade 3 (fertilized late)
6-cell grade 4-
5-cell grade 3+
4-cell grade 4

I asked if any of the 5 immature eggs matured overnight and they said that they did not. One of the embryos that appeared to have not fertilized, fertilized late but is not looking too good.

As a comparison:

IVF 3:
9-cell grade 4- (transferred)
8-cell grade 4- (transferred)
6-cell grade 4- (transferred)
6-cell grade 4- (this is my frozen day 6 4AA blast)
4-cell grade 4-
4-cell grade 3
3-cell grade 3 (this one made it to a day 6 4BC blast, but it was discarded w/out my knowledge)

Matured Late, Rescue-ICSI'd (none of these made it to day 5):
6-cell grade 4
6-cell grade 4 uneven
4-cell grade 4-
2-cell grade 4-
2-cell grade 4-

IVF 2:
8-cell grade B (transferred)
4-cell grade B (multi-nucleated, transferred)
4-cell grade B (multi-nucleated, transferred)
4-cell grade B (multi-nucleated, transferred)
4-cell grade C (multi-nucleated)
2-cell grade B (multi-nucleated)
2-cell grade B (multi-nucleated)
2-cell grade C (multi-nucleated)

IVF 1:
5-cell grade B (transferred)

Today, for the first time, I'm not bringing my embies home. I couldn't be at more peace that it was the best decision. I'm extremely bloated. I'm experiencing lots of sharp pains in my reproductive area. It's no doubt I'm not a good environment for my embies.

Next report, day 5, a day that has proven to be a huge hurdle for my embies. Thanks for your love and support through your comments. I was really excited to receive a few comments from my VR buddies, I thought you guys forgot about me. Hugs!


  1. Holy cow woman those are some stellar embryos!!! I'm so happy to see that you have only improved. Did you do growth hormone this cycle? Oh wait, I can look over to your sidebar and see that you did not. I am so hoping for you to get lots of blasts to test, and then of course, lots of normals to transfer! Well, not that you'd transfer lots of normals, we don't want another Octomom on our hands :)

  2. Holy bloating batgirl!!! This cycle just excites me beyond words. I KNOW that with these kind of results that your little baby is just waiting for you in this batch and his/her sibling as well for a later date!!!

    love ya!

  3. That is great news! Amazing day 3 embies! And, I'm glad your not transferring either- that belly doesn't look comfortable!

  4. That's some bloat you got going there girl!! I am so glad that your day 3 report is so promising and that this is your best cycle so far. Let's see what we can do about changing that bloat belly to a baby belly!! Good luck!

  5. There's no way I could forget you Jill, you've always been so supportive over at the vr board, and I can't resist reading your blog to see what's going on.

    Your embie report is great!And that's an amazing belly you got happening there!!!

    Can't wait to hear about the next step.

  6. wow, you're almost as big as me. Those results are wonderful. We are so happy for you and anxiously await day 5. They'll still call with the weekend?

  7. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This coaster is really starting to be fun.
    All packed and ready for my overnight flight back. Boyd will be following next Wednesday. I can't wait to hear the next report.
    Love you both/ Austin too

  8. Woohoo! That is so awesome! Your embies are doing great! I hope those embies continue to stay strong and form perfect blasts that will become your child:)

  9. Nice pic Jill! Bloat city, eh? I look like that everyday...I know I could lose it if I only tried a little harder and applied what I know to the process. Someday. For me. Not for Lance and Jenny's wedding, not for anyone, just for me. Okay, I would do it for God if He asked. Speaking of which...
    I've been praying to God to help you and Kerry be baby blessed. I know science is extraordinarily advanced, but we know only God can truly give you a baby miracle! So I may not understand all the numbers you blog and sometimes it's so clinical, but it is your way and that is okay to get help (otherwise God would've never allowed science to find the way)! Anyway, I know it's all good and so are you and Kerry and that's all that matters!
    Have a great Memorial Day ya later!
    Love Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxo

  10. It's looking like all your hard work is paying off! I can't wait to hear Sunday's report. Go embies, go!!

  11. Sounds like things are really rolling.Looking good all the way.
    Can't wait till we hear when you are heading back to Denver to bring home our little one home.I believe the Lord is definitely in control of this IVF. Waiting for more info.
    Love you all bunches,
    Jean and Crew

  12. Those embies are on a roll...come on day 5! All looks awesome Jill (and Kerry) so happy for you!! But the bloat was a lousy souvenir!? I made the mistake of posing for a pic on the beach with IVF bloat! Take care...and btw, it is about time you found a better roller coaster ride... ;)
    Smiles, Heidi

  13. Congrats on all those gorgeous embryos! Your poor little round belly needs a break. I can't wait to hear your embie report today!

  14. I just finished my first CCRM cycle ... we lost 5 embryos to multinucleation. In your second IVF cycle you mention that many of your embies were multinucleated. Was that true for your other cycles as well? How many did you loose at CCRM to it? Just curious if you don't mind.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill