Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IVF#4 - FSH Day 6 Monitoring

What a long day at the clinic!

First stop was the business office to pay for our cycle. $19,880! That's just the procedure and does not include meds, communicables, genetic counseling or travel. This was the most painful part of this entire cycle. We had to divide it over 3 credit cards. Kerry may be all smiles here, but he felt nauseous as soon as we left the room. I just can't even think about it.

Next was the u/s. I can't believe how relaxed and calm I was. I barely even payed attention to the monitor and just asked for a copy of the measurements afterwards.

We met with a lady from the lab to sign our lab consent forms. Been there done that before, so it was pretty quick. We didn't even read, just signed.

We met with our nurse and went over how our cycle was going. She thought we were doing really well. She said because we are doing FET, they have more flexibility with med dosage and retrieval timing because they aren't worrying about my lining for transfer. I guess with a fresh transfer, they sometimes have to take the eggs at a less than ideal time because they have to take the lining and OHSS risk into consideration. Makes sense. I saw there was a note on my file to Dr. Sch with my concerns about my E2 going crazy if he kept me on high doses. So I'm glad they addressed my concerns. The nurse then gave us a lecture on making sure we go on vacation and have fun while waiting on the genetic test results. Kerry opened his wallet and pulled out $10 and said, how far do you think we can get on this? We all cracked up. We signed the CCRM consent forms and then headed off to b/w.

Kerry was up first for his communicables. It's about time he gets to partake in all this fun. He was handed a bill for $310, now I'm nauseous too. Then it was my turn to check my hormone levels.

Next was genetic counseling. This appt was over an hour and was very informative. We went over both of our family history in detail. She said everything looked great and had no concerns. She then asked if there was any chance that we could be blood relatives. We both stood up and said "what do you think?". I'm 5'1 and Kerry is 6'5. It was pretty funny. She taught us all about chromosomes and genetics. She looked at our current cycle and was really excited for us, thinking that this will be it for us. God I hope so!

We asked about the current statistics. She said currently they are getting an 86% clinical pg rate with transferring 2 normals and 62% transferring 1. She was unable to answer right now what the twin rate is if you transfer 2 since this is an ongoing study. As of right now, I really want to transfer 1. I'd like to avoid twins if at all possible, but also don't want the risk of getting none. I'm not going to worry about this decision now, there will be plenty of time for that later. I still have to get my embryos to blast and then tested.

We will be doing CGH genetic testing. I was surprised to find out that they are no longer doing MicroArray for now. I guess it's something to do with their consent forms changing and now no one can do MicroArray until that is resolved.

She brought up my 1 frozen 4AA embryo that I currently have at CCRM. She was really excited to find out that I had it vitrified (flash frozen). At the time, they were still slow freezing embryos and only vitrifying CGH embryos. But I had specifically asked for mine to be vitrified, so glad I did that. The thaw rate on slow freeze embryos is 75% and vitrification is 99.9%. Because of this, she was asking if I would be interested in thawing that embryo and testing it along with the embryos from this cycle. I told her that Dr. Sch had told me at my post-IVF consult that he would not recommend this as it would put extra stress on it to thaw/biopsy/refreeze. She said she would talk to Sch and the head embryologist to get their take on it. She thinks maybe Sch didn't realize that I had it vitrified. I'm not sure about this, Kerry and I will need to discuss all the pros/cons this week. We were handed a bill for $350 for the counseling, ugh ugh ugh!

Next was Kerry's appt for his backup sample. While he was off doing that, I had to request a private room so I could go shoot up. I was an hour late for my injection. Afterwards, I went back to the lobby and read the genetic consent forms we need to sign and return.

While waiting I met 9kitts from IVFConn. She was heading up for transfer. Best of luck 9kitts! She was very sweet and donated her left over Gonal pen!

About a half hour later, the elevator opened and there was Kerry, all done with his "procedure". We grinned at each other and I said, how were you? He said, I was pretty good. LOL

We headed home and then the nurse called with my results. She said that Dr. Sch looked at my records and felt that I was doing fine and was not worried about my E2. He's keeping me on the 300iu Gonal. Maybe it's because I'm not doing a fresh transfer, so it's not as big of a concern. I just hope the high E2 doesn't affect egg quality.

I'm to start the antagon (Ganirelix) tonight. This will prevent me from ovulating. It blocks estrogen receptors so that the pituitary gland won't receive the signal from the ovaries to produce an LH surge triggering ovulation. E2 readings will be a little unreliable after starting this. My day 7 monitoring is cancelled and I'll return on day 8.

Gosh, I didn't mean to write a book, sorry! Here's the results:

Lining: 10mm
Right ovary (mm): 8.5, 11.6, 12.1, 13.1, 13.5, 16.4
Left ovary (mm): 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.7
E2: 761
LH: 1.2
P4: 0.22

IVF#3 results as a comparison:

Lining: 7.6mm
Right ovary (mm): 6.3, 6.5, 8.1, 9.6, 10.7, 11.4
Left ovary (mm): 7.3, 8.0, 8.2, 10.5, 11.7, 11.7, 12.0, 12.6, 13.6
E2: 720
LH: 0.58
P4: 0.2

Thanks for all your support, I love getting your comments!!!


  1. I love the picture of Kerry with the three credit cards! I hate the finance part of all of this...let's all promise if any one of us wins the lottery it's pay off time for all these damned IVF costs!
    Your results sound really good so far...it seems your E2 isn't going too high so that's good. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Everything seems like it looking great! I'm with the genetic counselor....I think this is going to be your "lucky" cycle.....

  3. Everything sounds great! I think your eggs are growing so nicely and it sounds like it is all going smoothly. The picture of Kerry with the cards was hysterical - at least he was still able to smile at the time, lol. The financial part of this is just painful (well, why exclude that? the rest is painful anyway!). I'm so excited for you!

    Oh, and I'm surprised about the micaroarray - I had no idea. Eeek.I wonder what kind of impact that is going to have? annoying.

  4. It looks like everything is going so well for you this cycle! I love that you and your DH have such a good sense of humor about all of this.

    When I went in for my ER on Friday I told the nurse that after my ER we were heading out of town camping at a campground locatated at a casino. We were talking about how much IVF costs and I told her that the casino should have an IVF jackpot where if you pull that magic button you can win an IVF cyccle. I told her that I knew plenty of women who would race up to the casino to participate in the IVF jackpot!:)

  5. Kris' comment is so funny - can you imagine if they had an IVF slot machine in the lobby of CCRM?

    I'm glad that things are going so well for you. You two are so cute and funny and you have approached this with such a good mind set. I really hope that this CGH cycle is it for you.

    I called in my payment and told them to charge my credit card and then I went to lie down. A few days later, the charge came through on the credit card and the exchange rate was at an all time LOW so the Canadian $ equivalent was even higher. Had to lie down again!!! It is so awful to have to cough up that much money and I really empathize.

  6. I wanted to say I have really appreciated reading your blog, especially recently, as you go through the financial, emotional and physical wringer that is our beloved CCRM:) I also love your and your DH's sense of humor through the whole thing. In all the pictures you are both smiling so sincerely, it's really nice. How far CAN you get on $10 these days--hmmm. Good luck with your cycle.

  7. No stress, huh? What a day!! I hate plunking down all that money too. $350 just for the genetic counselor? That's crazy!

    I'm glad you got out yesterday. Isn't the weather just great right now?

  8. Oh boy, that bill! It's so unnerving to put an amount like that on your credit card! Like this huge gamble!!

    Love the pictures! And love how you and Kerry are keeping your sense of humor alive through all this.

    Hugs to you!

  9. It stings seeing the cost, and they don't seem to give you a break with each appt... Great results on the ovary follies and I'm sure it makes it easier not to stress about transferring this cycle, and can just concentrate souly on the quality of your eggs, and we just believe that the genetic testing is going to come back with great results. we said an extra pray for you in moms group yesterday, they all ask about you and how your journey is.
    we love you and can't wait to hear more excitement.
    p.s. my mango reaction is much much better. biopsy results confirmed it was contact or drug, but no new drug was introduced, so has to be contact. aarrgghh!

  10. All seems right on track...those follies are growing well!! And the money, ugh! In regards to a comment above...the push here in Vegas is too increase gaming/tourism...maybe they should consider an IVF slot machine!? :)
    Smiles, Heidi

  11. I know 9kitts from another board. Cool that you met her? Sounds like things are going well besides the MASSIVE FINANCIAL DRAIN that ccrm is. Unbelieveable. They take liberties during a cgh cycle that they wouldn't if they did a direct transfer. :D


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