Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IVF#4 - Suppression Check

So as I said in my last post, my IVF nurse said as long as I start AF by 9p, I would count the next day as cd2. Well guess what time AF arrived? Last night at 9p! Talk about being on the fence.

So today is cd2, the big suppression check, will I pass? Kerry gave me a kiss goodbye and said "happy wanding" as I headed out the door to my u/s.

I arrived at my appt. This clinic's sole practice is performing u/s on pg women. I was surrounded by cute pg bellies. Every single one of them was rubbing their belly. I wonder if I'll do that when I'm pg? I just starred, wishing and hoping that some day, I'll too have a bump like that. I was able to smile as right now, I have hope again.

The sonographer called me back to what I was expecting to be a quick peak at my ovaries to make sure there's no cysts. Nope, I got the most thorough u/s I have ever had. She spent about 20 mins on my belly looking at every angle of my uterus. She kept focusing on a black circle, repeatingly measuring it. I asked what it was and she said she wasn't sure, that the doctor would need to take a look.

She then move onto the vaginal u/s... real fun when you're on your period, ugh! I was really hoping it would be quick, but nope, another 20 mins. That's a long time to be in such a, ummm, vulnerable position. She spent more time on the uterus and that black spot. The entire time I had my hands behind my neck in a situp position, head cocked sideways, desperately trying to watch the monitor. She finally grabs a remote and turns on the monitor in front of me so I could lay back and relax. I thanked her and apologized for rubber necking. She thought that was pretty funny.

She then moved onto the ovaries, finally! I was intently watching the measurements that were flashing on the screen. She only measured 3 follies, but I saw a couple more. That's not unusual for me, I tend to start off with a very small antral count and next thing I know, follies are popping up everywhere. But who knows what will happen on this new protocol.

Here's my full u/s report:

The follies she measured we're at 6.7mm, 7.7mm and 8mm. So definitely no cysts or lead follicles, wahoo!

I guess that small black spot on my uterus is a small fibroid. I then remembered the sonographer mentioning a possible fibroid at my one day workup back in Sept. I looked up my info and saw that I had a 5mm fibroid then and now it's 8mm. I asked my IVF nurse about this and she said it is very small and is not intruding on the lining, so it's fine. She also said that that it will continue to grow while on stims and during pregnancy, great! She said it will shrink back after delivery and practically go away in menopause. I wonder if this the cause of all my premenstrual spotting? I don't know, it's so small.

Next I was off to my ob/gyn's office for blood work. Had my blood drawn and was right back out the door. While in the elevator, my arm and hand went strangely numb, I glanced down and about freaked. I had a huge knot protruding from my arm where the needle was. I rushed back into the clinic. It was a rather large hematoma. They ran a few tests on me and determined that the large knot of blood was pinching off a nerve giving me the numbness. They put a compress on it and sent me on my way.

After waiting alllllll day, my hormones results finally came in:
Estradiol: 32 (needs to be < 50)
Progesterone: 0.86 (needs to be < 1)

CCRM called and said I'm good to go. I start stims tomorrow morning! Good thing that I got around to ordering my meds!

We just booked our hotel, got a great deal on Priceline for $40/night + tax for a very nice 3-star. We also booked our rental car, again got a bargain through Priceline.

Alright, here we go!!!!


  1. I'm glad you got the green light to go. Wow, that hematoma looks scary! If you every have any questions about fibroids, let me know. The one you have is quite small. Hurrah, you are on your way!!

  2. Wow - it sounds as though things are happening for you. I am cheering you on! Oh - I know that this is unrelated but I really like your clothes! xx

  3. Yay! now, can you send AF up to NY? I'm dying here!!!

    So glad things went (sort-of) smoothly. That arm looks awful! I have a small fibroid too - heard the same thing from them - it is posterior to uterus and does not intrude into the cavity, so I am good to go also. Funny that my old RE never saw that either. The first time I heard of it was at CCRM last August. Anyway - glad you are starting! Good luck!

  4. That hematoma looks yucky. Sorry about that!
    I'm glad you got the green light to start those stims!

    What hotel did you snag for so cheap? I'm super impressed.

  5. Great! Glad you are on your way!

    The hematoma does look scary...but what a cute shirt :-).

    I was bleeding like crazy on my suppression check also..and same thing - she took forever! I just kept having visions of the mess I was making (I know - way too much TMI). I just wanted to share my empathy :-)

  6. Yay, great news that you're cleared to start. This is the exciting part! I can't believe how long you were "wanded" for... But at least you know they were thourough! Will be cheering you on all the way!

  7. Ough! That hematoma looks really painful. I hope it feels better soon.

    Wahoo! Great suppression check. Glad the u/s was so thorough! Can't wait to hear how this cycle goes for you!!!

  8. Yes, you'll be rubbing your belly when you are preggo. totally will.

  9. We are our way,hey,hey,hey. Can't wait to get cruising on the rest of the trip.
    Sounds like things are going great.
    Anxiously waiting for the next installment.
    Love you,

  10. Whooooohooooo!!! Starting stims tomorrow-- how exciting. :0)

    Hope your arm is back to normal soon... Geezopete, that's a lump for sure! Go away nasty lump!

    Fyi, I'm on cd1 today... no-go for May as DH is gone til June 1. Oh well, I can relax and have fun on a girlfriend trip next week... and plenty of pina coladas.

    Anxious for more info as you move right along. And yes, you'll be the best belly rubber around, only a matter of time. :0)

    The Other Jill

  11. Grandmomma had told me about the hematoma, but I still had to study the pictures on here, cause it makes it look as if its your elbow. Did that hurt at all other than the numbness? I think my mango reaction is a bit better today, but still about the same size. How did stims go today?

  12. Well that hill wasn't so bad or hmmmmmmmmm is it because I'm in the passenger seat LOl
    Oh well, I;m ready for some great downhill thrills.

    Love ya


  13. OMG that bump on your arm looks awful! Let's hope that bump turns into a bump somewhere else (nudge nudge, wink wink!). I'm glad that AF finally cooperated and you are off girl!! Woohoo!

  14. Hi Jill.. Your arm looks pretty bad!!!
    I am glad that you passed your test, one less worry. Good luck on your trip to Colorado. I will be praying like mad for you and Kerry for a much deserved outcome.
    As your Mother, I want what you want... I am anxiously waiting for that day!!!
    Love you as big as the sky!!! Mama

  15. Hi The Bird & The Bees girl! Whew, I was intently reading your blog and actually started visualizing what was going on (an old habit of mine which I am going to work real hard on breaking after reading the most recent goings-on above), anyway, all was fine until the top of the picture came into view and I was so scared you were going to have an actual picture of your fibroid on your uterus!!!!OMG!!!! I slowly tab down and like I said, "WHEW...a bruise!" But I was nervous! There isn't anything I want to see inside our bodies-YUK! Okay, so I need a warning if you post an up-close and personal shot coming down the pipeline before it hits my eyes. You may rubber-neck and have your eyes wide opened, but not this aunt...mine will be wide shut-lol! (I'll have your mom screen the blogs when you start going there, k?) wishes to you both (you know I will be praying for the outcome you deserve and worked so hard to make happen) God's speed.
    Love always and a day...
    Aunt Carol

  16. Ouch - your arm looks sore! I hope you are feeling better now. Yay on getting started on stims! Good luck!!


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