Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IVF#4 - Fertilization Report

I am sooo excited! This is the best we have ever had!

Retrieved: 20
Mature/ICSI'd: 15
     Fertilized Normally: 10
     Fertilized Abnormally: 1
     Did Not Fertilize: 2
     Degenerated: 2
Immature: 5

As a comparison, here's the day 1 results from my other IVFs:

IVF 1:
Protocol: MDL
Retrieved: 10
Mature: 4
Fertilized: 2

IVF 2:
Protocol: MDL
Retrieved: 19
Mature: 12
Fertilized: 4

IVF 3:
Protocol: Long Lupron
Retrieved: 23
Mature: 13
Fertilized: 7

So far, Antagon rocks!

I asked if they will attempt to mature and rescue-icsi the 5 immature and at first said she that there was no need to since they were happy with 10. She said they were only expecting to retrieve 15, so 15 mature was right on. I brought up the fact that we lose so many embryos at a very fast rate (50% overnight already) and so she said she will look at them later today to see if any of them matured.

I asked about my egg quality. She said there was no vacuoles, darkness or graininess, so that was great to hear. But she said that on a couple of them, the membrane broke easily and some of the shells were a little thick.

That's all for now. Next report, day 3!


  1. What a great report!! I hope that lower E2 made a big difference for you and those little embies grow grow grow!

  2. Congrats, that's a fab report!!!!

  3. Great report! Hoping these embies grow and grow and grow!

  4. Great news!!!!!!!!

  5. Woohoo! Great fert report!!

  6. What an awesome report!! WOW! I am impressed with that antagon for you. I had worse fert results with antagon from previous non-antagon cycles. Although with my two previous Lupron cycles I had 2 to freeze from each cycle and yesterday I found out with this antagon cycle that I had 3 to freeze. I hope you continue to blos your other cycles out of the water!!!:)

  7. I am so happy for you guys! Keep the good news coming...!

  8. 10 fertilized!? (jaw dropping) YEAH!!!! How are you feeling after retrieval and the plane flight? Am on pins and needles until the day 3 report...
    Smiles, Heidi

  9. That is just fantastic! I am so happy for you. I hope they do rescue isci/mature in lab some. :-)


  10. Wooooooohooooooooo!!!! That's all I can say!!!!!!!

    The Other Jill

  11. Wow girlfriend....that is a WONDERFUL report! Can't wait to hear tomorrow's report! I told you you shouldn't worry about the "new" protocol because he knows what he's doing:-) I'm really really thinking you are going to get at least several perfect embies to freeze:0)

    love ya!

  12. Baby Morris's ROCK!!! :~)

  13. I am happy things are going well.. and really glad to have you home again. Was nice today...thanks for coloring my hair!!! Love you as big as the sky, Mama

  14. This is an awesome FERT REPORT REPORT!!! Congratulations!!!

  15. Awesome fert report!! I am so glad that you've had such great results so far and I am giving your props for flying back home the same day!! You are made of steel woman! I hope that things will continue on well for you and look forward to your next update!


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