Sunday, May 24, 2009

IVF#4 - Day 5 Embryo Report

After spending all day with a cell phone glued to my hand and reprimanding anyone who called my cell because they about gave me a heart attack, the lab finally called. Waiting for this call was pure torture, waiting to see if my potential children have lived or died.

For you non-IVF folks, here's a little info so that you can understand our results a little better. On day 4, the cells start compacting and eventually become what they call a morula. On day 5, the cells start to become distinguished and separate into placenta cells and fetal cells, called a blastocyst or blast for short.

So today, here's what we have so far:

1 compacting
1 morula
1 blast 4AA (biopsied and frozen)

Here's how blasts are graded:

The first number is the development, stage 1 being early to 5 hatching out of the shell. The first letter is the inner cell mass (fetus) grade, A being best to C being worst. The second letter is the trophectoderm (placenta) grade, A being best to C being worst.

I'm not sure how I feel just yet. I guess with such incredible results on day 3, I maybe had my hopes set a little higher than this. The lab said they are holding out hope for the compacting and morula to make it to blast tomorrow. I asked about the remaining 8 embryos and she said that none of them have arrested nor shown any signs of degeneration, but they are clearly behind schedule.

Next report, day 6.


  1. That 4AA embryo sounds like a winner!! You don't get much better grading than that, unless they give A+s.

    I hope you get a few more embryos by tomorrow. Come on embies, go!!

  2. Jill- I was dying to find out your report but have been insanely busy and away from the computer. I was so hoping you'd have gotten a great report today but at least you have one beautiful one already biopsied. Now, I'm hoping those other 2 look great tomorrow and maybe a few of the others catch up!

  3. I'm with Sue.....I'm hoping & praying that you'll get at least a few more great ones to biopsy & freeze, but remember, it only takes one and I have every hope that the one they did biopsy is perfectly healthy and that it's your baby you'll give birth to sometime next year:0) What did you decide to do with the one frozen one you already have???

    Hang in there and praying hard for all your other "babies"!!

    love ya!

  4. Right there with you sis.
    Praying hard for all the babies,
    waiting patiently in the passenger seat over here to get the next report.

    Love you


  5. Hang in there Babe, a good report is coming.
    Anxiously waiting for next report.
    Love you bunches,
    Jean and Crew

  6. You're off to a stellar start! That 4AA sounds perfectly beautiful! Hoping a couple others catch up, but if not...that 4AA could be your baby!!!

  7. You sound a bit disappointed but don't and these embies have come along way and you should be proud...that blast sounds absolutely wonderful!! Here's hoping the others will join him/her soon! Thinkin' of ya!
    Smiles, Heidi

  8. That's great you have 4AA...I understand why you sound disappointed, though. There is always such great hope when the day 3 numbers look so good. But it only takes one! I'm a true believer of that now.

    Here's hoping for a good day 6 report!

  9. Oh Jill, I can understand your disappointment, but your 4AA sounds awesome! I hope the others catch up to their stellar sibling:) Can't wait to hear day 6 fert report! Hoping, wishing, thinking and praying for you!!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill