Thursday, October 1, 2009

FET#1.5 - Meds Meds Meds

2 days ago Kerry and I celebrated my last injection. After 240 self-injections over 4 IVFs and 2 FET preps in just over a year, this was something that felt so incredibly good to be done with. Good bye Lupron, I hope the next time I experience menopause, it's from age. Good bye Bravelle, Menopur, Gonal-F, Ovidrel and Novarel, may I never need to farm my eggs again!

I now look forward to celebrating the day when I'm done with non-injectable meds as well! I assumed FETs would be so easy... not for me. Maybe it's because I've had to do 2 of them to get to 1 transfer.

Now that we're done building my lining, we're now prepping it for the embryo. I continue with 4 estrogen patches every other day and 1 Estrace vaginally every evening. I'll also continue baby aspirin 1x/day and all my supplements 2x/day. I added in Endometrin vaginal progesterone suppositories 3x/day.

For the next 4 days, I'll also be on a round of Tetracycline (4x/day) and Medrol (1x/night). The Tetra will help prevent infection. The Medrol is a low dose steroid that will suppress the immune system from interfering with embyro implantation.

So yeah, have to insert 4 pills up my hoo-ha every day and be covered in patches until several weeks into pg when they start weening me off the hormones and let the placenta take over. My cervix is already irritated and I have red welts from the patches.

I'm just so tired of all these meds/procedures. Keeping up with doses, dates and times for everything has become a part-time job. I've done more procedures than a cancer patient and have taken more meds than a drug addict. I know so many of you can relate. If this all works out, it will be worth it, sooooo worth it. If it doesn't, well I can't even go there.

In other news, a couple of funnies...

I had another dancing butt cheeks electro-acup appt. Afterwards, I found she had left the lights on with the window blinds all the way up. The parking lot has a full view into this window. I'm sure I gave quite a few laughs. Thank God my face was hidden.

This may be TMI, but it gave me a great laugh. Kerry walked by the bathroom and saw some blue streaks in my undies (from the blue Estrace pills). He pointed to it and said "hey, smurf skids!". Probably not as funny as it was to me, but oh well. =)

FOUR days to transfer!!!  It doesn't even seem real. I've been in process since May to get to this transfer. Maybe it will seem more real when I arrive in Denver TOMORROW and have my blood draw and fill out my consents at CCRM!

To those that have left comments or sent emails, thank you so much for your support!  You all have some powerful vibes/prayers. I don't want to hog all the vibes, but if you can spare some, please send me some perfect thaw, transfer and implantation ones. Thanks!


  1. Yeah!!!! You're headed out tomorrow!!!! Can't wait to read about the perfect way that this is all going to play out. Love, hugs and prayers from Missouri!!!
    The Other Jill

  2. All of that sounds so painfully familiar, and yet, at the same time thankfully like something from my past! :-)

    Have a safe flight tomorrow and good luck! Sending you all the thaw and transfer and implant vibes I can!

    (Oh, and - panty liners are very useful to avoid the blue streak incidents!!)

  3. So excited for have ALL my good vibes. :-)

  4. Implantation vibing hard for you honey! Wow transfer is just 4 days away!!! Be careful with the welts you get from the patches...I was fine until post transfer and then I broke out into horrible, horrible rashes. In fact, you can still see the marks on my skin from the patches so if they are bothering you, they may let you switch to Estrace orally instead. One tip too about transfer - don't be shy about using the bedpan afterwards. If you're getting the acupuncture pre and post, you will relax much more afterwards on an empty bladder since they won't let you move for an hour afterwards. I am so pumped and excited for you!!! Good luck!! I'll be following you with good vibes all the way to Denver!

  5. Jill, you go ahead and hog those vibes!!! Sooooo excited for you, if you knew how much I've been stalking you, you'd be truly worried. ;)That baby is about to come home with his/her mommy and daddy!

    Love from,

  6. HOG THOSE VIBES AWAY! They are all coming your way Jill and Kerry!!!

  7. Wishing you and Kerry the best for #7. I'm very excited for both of you!

  8. Okay, I am still laughing about the smurf skids...had to read that one out loud to my DH (we are in a bed and bkfst in MI today). Have a safe trip and bring home that beautiful embie all safe and sound!!!

  9. I left you positive vibes, sticky vibes and all sorts of good FET dust all over that place for you. Hope your travels to CO were uneventful, and Ill keep all of my fingers and toes crossed for a BFP in 2 weeks.

  10. I am sending every single one of my vibes to you for the next two weeks!:) You have been through so much just to get to this transfer, dang it, Lucky 7 better be ready for his/her Mama! :)

    Have a safe flight and keep laughing with Kerry- love the smurf kids comment:)

  11. Dear Jill,
    You know I'm with you and Kerry ALL THE WAY!!! "May your baby come home with his/her mommy and daddy and thrive to fulfill your prayers and dreams"...that is what I will pray and hope for until you get the confirmation you've been wanting and working for, for so long! God bless all three of you on your journey.
    Love always and a day...Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Wow...the time has snuck up on me! Will be praying for your trip and procedures!! Lots of love to you and Kerry and little #7!:) Tarryn
    p.s. the Smurfs were my favorite cartoon!


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