Friday, October 16, 2009

FET#1.5 - Beta 2

2nd beta is in!

Beta 1: 193
Beta 2: 459

They want the number to double and I had an increase of 138%! According to this chart below, my levels are above high. I think I got a keeper in there!

Finally, after charting for 46 cycles, I get to see a green line!  The line turns green once you enter a positive pg test.

And finally, I get to see 2 lines on a hpt for the first time ever! The first picture contains the following all taken on 9dp5dt, beta day:

1st test:  this is an internet cheapie, the same brand that haunted me at 4 and 5dp5dt with a BFN.  The test has a sensivity of 20. It took awhile for the line to appear and while there is a definite line, I find it to be quite light considering my hcg was 193.

2nd test:  This is a conceivex test that expired in 4/2008. Pretty much the same results.

3rd test:  This is a ClearBlue Easy digital test, or what's left of it. I bought a 2-pack during my IVF#3 2ww. I peed on one the night before beta back then and it screamed "not pregnant" at me. I swore I would not pee on the 2nd test until I knew I was pregnant. So I'm all excited that I finally get to pee on it. We wait 3 mins while it's displaying an hourglass and then it goes blank. The box says that means the test is faulty and to call them. What a bummer! So we tore the dang thing apart and holy cow, it's got a circuit board inside! No wonder why it's $15 for 2 tests. Inside we found a strip with 2 blue lines.

The next photo contains 2 more internet cheapies taken at 10 and 11dp5dt. My hcg is 459 and it's still much lighter than the control. Goes to show you that a line really is a line, it doesn't matter how light or faint it is.

When I received my first beta, I didn't send it to CCRM. I instead emailed my IVF nurse and asked her to call me, said that I had a quick question. After several hours, she finally called me and said, I've been waiting all day for your beta results and haven't received them yet.  I said, well I'm turning it around on you today and I'm going to give YOU the news, I'm pregnant!!!!  She jokingly called me a brat and said no one has ever done that to her before. That was fun.

Announcing our news to our family and friends was amazing. All of the reactions were priceless; screaming, crying and pure excitement for us. I've found that the longer the journey, the greater the reward. My reward has already been more than I could have imagined. For those still in the trenches, just know that your reward is increasing in size. My hope and prayer is that everyone of you receives your reward very soon and that it's so large you're unable to contain it.

Some of you may be wondering what Kerry's reaction was. Well he missed the awesome call from the nurse announcing the news by 2 mins. When he walked in, I handed him the fax and I think he was about to pass out. I smiled and said, I'm pregnant! He didn't believe me and wanted to see the fax. He was pretty much in shock all night. I think it finally hit him the next morning. He had tears running down his face while he told me how happy he was. Then when we went to bed, he kissed my belly good night.

Speaking of bellies, someone mentioned that belly shots are supposed to be from side view. Well, we just happen to have taken one of those too:

Hey, look, I think I've popped a little already! You'll have to pardon me, I may have an honorary degree in how to get pg, or more like how to not get pg... but I'm as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to actually being pg. Seriously, I really have no clue what I'm doing here.

I was brave and ventured into the dark pregnancy storage area. Remember in the beginning, back when you thought sex = baby, you bought all of these cute little outfits and pregnancy items, thinking your time would be right around the corner? Then after you realized that sex does not = baby, you hid all of that stuff out of sight? Well I went there, and this is one of the items I found.

And the starting date on them, March 2004! I remember subscribing to these back when we decided we wanted a baby.  We of course couldn't start trying until Jan 2006 when Kerry had his vasectomy reversed, but wow, I didn't realize we have been wanting this baby for quite this long. I remember that I wanted to read up and be the best mom ever.

Today I started having a little bit of pink spotting. I layed down immediately and that seemed to nip it in the bud. I see it so often that I'm not going to let it stress me out. I'll just make sure I take it easy when it happens.

So what's next? Next week they will check my estrogen and progesterone levels to see if they need to tweak my meds any.  Then Nov 2 I'll have my first U/S to see if we got a heartbeat.

Speaking of the U/S, I have a funny for ya...

Kerry: So what will they look for at the U/S?

Me: They will check for a heartbeat and make sure it implanted in the correct location.

Kerry: Why would it implant in any other location than where Dr. Schoolcraft put it?

Me: Well it floats around a little and can implant in the fallopian tube causing an ectopic.

Kerry: No, Dr. Schoolcraft is the embryo whisperer, it stayed right where he put it.

Last but not least, I want to once again thank every one of you for all your support. All of the comments, emails and calls were amazing. Many of you had me in tears, happy tears.



  1. Ha! That beta is amazing, too! 459! Girl, you most certainly have a keeper in there. I'm very very happy for you. Jessica xx

  2. That is absolutely FABULOUS!!! I am praying that little one stays strong for 9 sweet months!!!

  3. I've been checking periodically through the day to see if you'd updated with more news.... So exciting to read all about your numbers, conversations, see pics and all!! Thanks for giving us hope here!!!
    I wondering... do you have any pg symptoms yet?? Besides being tired? I am so curious as to how many women do/don't have symptoms, and it seems to vary a lot... Just wondering how YOU'RE feeling. :0)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Momma! You got a lot of reading to get caught up on by the looks of your pics!
    The Other Jill

  4. I am thrilled for you that your numbers are up, up, UP! Congratulations again on Sticky No.7! Looking forward to more wonderful updates!

  5. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am soooooo excited for you. I keep rereading your blog and crying such happy, happy tears for you!!!

    I hope you start to "feel" pregnant soon, as that always feels kinda reassuring in those early weeks - but if you don't, do NOT worry! Remember I never felt pregnant **at all** with Caleb!! Never any symptoms except getting an enormous belly :-) And btw, I cannot WAIT to see you with an enormous belly - you will be soooooo cute!!

  6. Hey Mama...take it easy and enjoy the feeling of being pregnant! I will look forward to seeing the "side-views" of your belly for the next 8 months. Enjoy your peace and quiet because the rest of your life will be filled with the sounds of your baby and what a wonderful sound that will be, eh? Happy life ahead! Your prayers were answered, how amazing to know God was listening? Take care and know I love you all...Aunt Carol xoxoxoxo

  7. Super duper congrats! There goes Kerry again, cracking me up with his embryo whisperer comment! That seven is going to be one lucky little kid to have such funny parents--although we all know he/she won't appreciate the humor at about age 12...

  8. Yeah, I love his question too - "why would it be anywhere else?" Like any embryo would dare challenge the embryo whisperer! That's too funny. Keep having fun!

  9. Awesome! We are so happy for you!


  10. Great second beta, lady! Keep taking good care of your precious cargo! Sooo happy for you!

  11. Holy crappola! That is a great 2nd beta number! This is so exciting! I think I'm just as happy for you as I was when I found out we were pregnant!

    Jill, you and Kerry are so deserving! Congrats!!

  12. That is a beautiful second beta number...and those high numbers seem to be successful:-) Your numbers are so close to what mine were...maybe get ready for a few months of m/s??? (If my situation was any indicator.) I'm sure it is in the right location and is one STRONG little baby!

  13. Oh...and I forgot to say, it is absolutely true that the reward increases in is amazing how thankful this makes us all. Enjoy the next 9 months! (every second of it!)

  14. Very high beta! Such great news, that Seven in a strong one! You rest, keep those feet up as much as possible.

    And...did you try to put those beta numbers on the twin chart? Just sayin'...


  15. WOohoo! What an aweseome 2nd beta number! I am so over the moon happy for you and Kerry and I can hear your excitement and joy coming through your words on yoru post. Awesome, awesome awesome!!!

  16. I still wake up every morning with a big smile on my face thinking about you guys. I am so excited!!! I know others have said it, but I think I was more excited finding out you were pregnant than when I found out I was!!! :P I can't wait to go baby shopping together. I am praying for you, Kerry and sweet baby every day!!! I was in the middle of walmart when you told me the news and I know everyone was staring at me. If I were at home you probably would have had to pull the phone away from your ear because I probably would have screamed and did a happy dance. But I waited till I got home to do that. :P Love you bunches! Let me know when your ready for a girly day. Talk to you soon momma!!

  17. Wow, that's one strong embryo! Love Kerry's reaction to the news. Can't wait to hear more good stuff from you on Nov 2nd! Not too far off now. Take it easy, try to stay calm, and have faith in your baby and your body. Lucky #7 I tell you. Must be meant to be!

  18. I haven't had any cervix procedures other than a D&C for abnormal bleeding in 2001. But these pesky contractions that I've had for the last 4 weeks have me really scared that I'm in preterm labour and they'll change my cervix and I should have done something to stop them. So, probably to shut me up, my OB is sending me for weekly u/s. She knows how insanely important this baby is to us after all this time.
    An ultrasound every two weeks seems to be pretty standard to monitor for cervical changes. Maybe if they find your cervix is shorter than usual early on, you can talk them into more frequent scans.

  19. Kerry cracks me up but yes, there must be some truth to Dr. Sch being an embryo whisperer!!! Your numbers are very strong and you may want to eat lots right now just in case you get m/s :). Besides, it can't hurt either b/c the baby will start to crowd things down there and you won't be able to eat as much either so indulge now!

    I totally KWYM about not knowing anything about actually being pregnant and I forget half the time to check things and ask about certain things (i.e. is the ricotta cheese pasturized?). Thankfully, there are lots of books out there along with umpteen websites so you can educate yourself much in the same way you did to prepare for IVF.

    My DH and I are still talking about you two and how wonderful it is :)

  20. I am so happy for you! Look at your growing belly! Beautiful! I can't wait to see more pics of your growing belly!!! Woo-hoo!! Another CCRM miracle!!!

  21. Great news Jill! I am so incredibly thrilled for you. Enjoy this very special time in your life. Hugs x

  22. You and Kerry did it! You make a great team. And now you will have a great addition to that team. Kerry is a crack up! Huge congratulations!

  23. Great second number, Jill! You are living the dream, girl.

    I have that very familiar stack of magazines hidden away somewhere too...

  24. Hey Mom,

    I couldn't be happier for you both. Wow. Praise God. I am sure that you have lots of support, but if there is ever anything I can do, let me know. Talk, questions, even frustrations..... I would love to get together with you sometime, regardless. Love you!!!

  25. You know I got so tired of my FF Chart numbers going up up up and never getting that green line that I finally just deleted them all. I'm a silly stubborn gal, ain't I? :p


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill