Friday, October 2, 2009

FET#1.5 – We’re Here!

It’s been a long day! Our day started around 4am and as you can see, Kerry was out before our flight even took off. Shhhh, he doesn't know I took this photo, hee hee.

We had a great flight into Denver. I arrived to 32 degrees in flip-flops, brrrr! We headed to CCRM. As the building came in sight, we were in awe with thoughts of our baby; this is where our baby resides, we're finally bringing little Seven home. We both just smiled.

We walked up to the front desk and the lady asked if she could help us. Out of the blue, Kerry says in a country hick voice “I’m here to pick up my baby… I’m the baby daddy… Where's the freezer?”. Everyone is listening distance was cracking up. The lady asked for my name and I literally couldn’t tell her as I was laughing too hard.

While waiting in the lobby, a guy sitting near us was called back “Peter, hi, please follow me”. All of us IVF patients know what that means, it’s time to provide a sample. Kerry says to him as he walked by “Go Pete!” and then Kerry turned to me “Pete’s gonna whack it”. By this time I’m belly laughing.

Our nurse came and got us. I had blood drawn to check my progesterone and we signed all the consent forms. Afterwards we got groceries and then headed to my electro-acup appt. Trying to keep up with all my meds while running all over the country has proven to be challenging.

I just got the call from my nurse. She said my progesterone level is perfect at 9.84 (>6). Yippee, all of your prayers and vibes are working!!!

To all my fellow bloggers, I’m intentionally letting myself get behind on all of your blogs so that I’ll have lots of good stuff to read while on bed rest. So I’ll be back to commenting then. Love all of you!

THREE days to transfer!!! Alrighty, I’m beat, nighty night!


  1. OK so the question is...did the front desk lady laugh at Kerry's antics? I always got the feeling they were all business! But that is HILARIOUS what he said!

    I'm so happy you're there! I'm so happy when you saw CCRM in the distance it was all happy thoughts.

    Now go get Seven!

  2. DAVs, Thanks! Yep, the 2 ladies at the front desk were laughing. They really would have had to been fuddy duddies to not laugh at him.

  3. I'm glad all's going so well! Good luck with everything!

  4. Crossing my fingers so hard I can't even feel them excited for you!

  5. Yay!!!! Great news on getting there...good spirits...and progesterone level! Have a great weekend in Denver- enjoy it- that place will always be a place of hope for me.

  6. Your husband is absolutely hilarious!:) It sound like something my husband would say and do! Love it and I love Kerry for making you laugh through it all!

    WOOHOO on your P4! I am ocntinuing to send all of my good vibes your way!:)

  7. Oh my, I can just imagine the blank stare the front desk lady gave Kerry with that routine. Blond, straight hair? Ice blue eyes? Morose attitude? I would have loved to see that!

    Hope you have a nice few days in Denver before the big day.

  8. Yay you have arrived safe and sound! It's so strange to think that your kids are at CCRM, just waiting for you to pick them up isn't it? Kerry sounds like such a hoot - I'm glad you guys are still laughing :). Vibing sticky thoughts to you right now!

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  10. Great news! Hope the three days fly by.

  11. OMG! I'm getting so excited for you! Oh, Kerry looks like such a dork!! ;)


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