Thursday, October 8, 2009

FET#1.5 - 3dp5dt

I survived bedrest. My back was killing me and I had to deal with Kerry telling me to shut up and incubate his baby. (He was being funny of course).  I'm now back home and all's good!

I called CCRM and got my transfer day hormone levels:

Estrogen: 1163 (>300)
Progesterone: 11.5 (>6)

So far everything has been perfect and praying that it continues that way.

So any symptoms yet you may be wondering?  Not really.  Unless out of the blue boldness and crying is one.

Our neighborhood has underground utilities. It looks nice as you don't have telephone poles and lines all over the place. Unless you're the one that got stuck with all of the darn boxes in your yard! That would be me. I have 3 on one side and 2 on the other.  Not in back, not on the side, right in front. I call it our electrical graveyard. I spent the last couple of years growing bushes around them and it finally looked really nice. Until today that is.

 I looked out the window to find the electric company outside.

And this is the curb appeal they left me. 2.5 bushes gone. All for 30 seconds in the box.

I'm not a confrontational person at all, especially to 5 strange men. I marched out in my pajamas and said "I understand you need to get to the box, but do you need to be so destructive? Can you not trim them back just enough to get to the box and where they have a chance to grow back?" I then ran inside, called Kerry and burst into tears.

Can you say emotional???  Maybe it's just the hormones. I vented to my MIL about it and she said "it's okay hun, you're pg". My eyes lit up. Me, pg, could I really be???

I wanted to share a photo I rec'd from a friend that has been there for me since the beginning, almost 4 yrs ago. We've never met. She has her VR/IVF miracle. But she has never once stopped supporting me, always sending me emails with relevant photos to whatever I'm facing at the time.  She's Heidi from Vegas.

This is the photo I rec'd from her on transfer day:

Thanks Heidi! Love it!

This is one she sent me when I found out lucky embryo #7 was my only normal on 7/7.

Heidi, I made one for you, on behalf of all of us girls still fighting the fight, we'd like one of these in Vegas.

6 days to beta!!!!


  1. Love the photos and glad you got bedrest! Sorry about the bushes! How frustrating! Thinking of you and wishing your embies much stickiness!

  2. I love that photo of the baby telling the embie to hang on!

    Sorry about your shrubs...that sucks. I have a feeling in just a few short days shrubs will be the last thing on your mind! Only a couple more days to go for POAS (should you choose to go that route). Hang in there!

  3. Damn them for cutting down your bushes! At least they didn't decide they shouldn't be around the box at all - I'd rather see that view from the street than from the house.
    So glad your bloodwork was looking great, and hope you don't go insane during the final part of the 2ww. Hope you get your lucky 7 BFP!

  4. What a great post! I love that you went out to yell at the electric company people in your PJs!!
    Everybody needs friends like Heidi :-)

    I hope you get your big fat POSITIVE!

  5. SIX days! WooooHooooo....oh please let this be it!

  6. Oh your poor bushes. DH works for the electrical utility and always tells people that the bushes are great but the guys are super-destructive when they need to do work. It just seems so unfair to me. We have one on our property too - but it is on the side of our yard past the driveway so it is half on our property and half on the neighbors. Its an eyesore but I don't know whose it is to hide!!! I'm glad you told them off...they don't need to be that destructive!

    You are right where you need to be. I remember feeling exactly the same way at that point past try to hang in there. Just a few more days until you know. Sending Hugs and lots of prayers for a beautiful, strong beta.

  7. Sounds really good, Jilly! Praying that you have a great week to come... the waiting sucks but in the end, it will be sooo worth it!
    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

  8. 6 days! 6 Days! I'm impatient enough for the both of us!!

    I take emotionality as a very good sign. And frankly, I'd be pissed about the bushes too.

  9. I love the pics! Especially the last one!! And I love how your Mom said you were pg:) I am still sending sticky vibes your way:)

  10. Hey Jill...I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear the words "We're pregnant!" So hurry up, will ya! As far as the electrical boxes...can you paint them? Maybe a 3-D bush or something on would be cool. Or put some clingy designs all over it or get a sign or a statue to put in front of it. Just some ideas!
    Anyway, I'm still pulling and praying for you and Kerry to be pushing and pulling on your delivery day!
    Love always and a day...Aunt Kook xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Hi Jill,
    I am patiently waiting for my birthday present and you know what I want!!!!!!!!
    Love you as big as the sky,
    Mama (Grammy)

    P.S. hi jill, I read your blog to your Mama and then I had to be her secretary and send you a response from your Mama...I think I found a new job...her secretary! : )

  12. Aw, you poor thing. I think I would have run out there any yelled at those guys, "Hey! Stay out of my bush!" =D (yeah, I just went there)

    You're doing great! I have such a good, warm feeling about lucky #7.

    The picture of your friend's baby holding the sign made me cry!

  13. I think emotional is a WONDERFUL thing at this point.....I can't wait until that going to test early???

    Come on're almost there!!!

    Love you and I'm praying for you as always:0-)


  14. Emotional sounds promising!! I so hope that Seven sticks around and have continued to cross everything for you. Those photos were hilarious and I think that CCRM should have that slot machine in their lobby!!!

  15. Whoa Jill, I came to read your update and was surprised to see the pics!! This was a special transfer and so needed special good wishes... :) Thanks for the kind words too.

    Match the embryos...LOL...I love your slot machine. I think it would be a great hit in Vegas...or anywhere!

    6 days and counting....!!!

  16. A great beta day is coming!!!!!!!
    Hang in there all is well.
    I'm proud of you for telling those guys what for, especially about getting off your grass. Go Girl
    Love you,

  17. Your bush story reminds me of when I discovered four trees cut down by the utility company on one of my "restoration" projects this February, some over 100 years old. I was like, where did the trees go?!! I was sobbing. Unfortunately, we had no recourse, though the ding-dongs did screw up by not notifying us. Just another reason why we should all go solar, but we have to trim our trees when we put our panels up on the roof.

    I'm glad everything is going well. No symptoms but emotional ones sounds just right. I love the pics from Heidi in Vegas!! How is the hypnofertility stuff going?

  18. So glad that you survived bedrest. The photo of the baby made me cry it was so lovely!

  19. Those bushes look awful - at least they are symmetrical! LOL!

    Glad to hear that your"incubation" is going well! I am sending you MEGA sticky vibes!

  20. Kerry's comment cracks me up...incubate his baby. LOL. This is going to be one fun pregnancy to follow. Yes, I think it worked. (-;

  21. Hey Jill!
    Just wanted to stop in and check on you again. We are praying, praying, praying. I know this wait must seem like forever. (It does to me, and it isn't even my body!)
    So sorry about your hedge. I remember your electrical graveyard - you did an awesome job hiding it!! Maybe your new bushes can grow up with your new baby :-)


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill