Saturday, October 10, 2009

FET#1.5 - 5dp5dt

I've received a few emails asking if I plan on POAS or if I'm having any symptoms yet.

As of right now, I have not had one single symptom except 1 more crying episode. Kerry and I watched the Prison Break finale last night. In the end, the main character sacrificed himself so that his pg wife could live. I had tears pouring down my face uncontrollably. Other than that, nope, nothing, nada!

I do have a confession to make.  I did POAS last night on 4dp5dt. I'm normally one that is terrified of those evil sticks and hold out until night before beta. But, I saw that a few other gals that transferred hatching blasts did get a positive on 4dp5dt. I caved in.

IVF robs you of so much, complete strangers put our egg and sperm together. What if I could find out sooner and be given the opportunity to surprise my husband like normal women do, don't I deserve to be able to tell him instead of the doctor? I prepared myself well, I knew it was very early and there was a good chance of a negative. 

Here's the test:

Do you see 2 lines???  Don't bother straining your eyes, there's only 1. I starred at that little stick for at least 30 mins willing it to have a line. I viewed it under every type of lighting. In the end, it still had 1 line.

Let me tell ya, no matter how much you prepare yourself and no matter how well you know it's probably too early, it still messes with you. Your hope goes down a little. Your doubt goes up a little. I'm sure you know what was next... I scoured the internet for others that tested negative at this time and went on to have a positive later. I found plenty of them and then I was back to being at peace.

So I've learned my lesson, or maybe not. Ponder, pee, dip and repeat.

Today's test:

See 2 lines yet?  Me either... =((((  Darn it, I just want to surprise my husband!!!!  Oh crap, here come the tears again, symptom??

Dear family, please keep this hush-hush. Kerry does not know I've tested. I'm still holding out hope that I will get the opportunity to surprise him before beta.

If anyone has an encouraging experience to share, now would be a good time.


  1. I have heard with FETs that it can take longer to implant and I have rarely heard of anyone getting a faint postive on 5dpt:) The earliest I have heard is 6dpt, but that is also rare from what I've seen, even with a hatching blast.

    Go back to that nice, peaceful place and think good thoughts! You are creating new life inside of you:)

  2. Ditto for the above comment. Plus those are internet cheapies...and I don't know high the hcg has to be to detect on those. I used a FRER, but I was 5dp6dt, and it was still a light line. I don't think you're out yet...but still, I'm sorry you had to have the disappointment of one line in any case.

  3. Jill - do not freak out. I had the same tests you did and I swear I did four to five in one day I was so nuts. Even in the same day I would get varying shades from nothing at all to very, very faint back to nothing at all. It depends on so much (i.e. time of day, concentration) and all you have to do is drink an extra glass of liquid and you'll pee negative. It's still early so hang in there. I still have everything crossed for you!!!

  4. I see something on the second test, there's something...... Isn't there? Anyone else?

    It is early and surely this is going to be positive on 7 days post transfer to fit the lucky theme

  5. Those internet cheapie tests suck and you are testing early! Don't freak out yet and if you're going to go for it again get a FRER pack! Good luck, we're all pulling for you!

  6. Oh Jill. Those damned pee sticks! Hang in there honey, I think it's just too darn early and you are still very much in the game!

  7. Sweetie - it's way too early!! Hang in there. Sending you lots of love and luck, and holding on to a lot of hope for you....


  8. Jill, I seriously did not get a pos on one of those test until 20dpo. Hang on girl! We're all here with you!!



  9. I first read this post on my iPhone. The second line is clear as day on my iPhone for 5dp5dt. I would not joke about something like this. You can't see it on my computer though. It's the wierdest thing. I look back on my iPhone and yep, it's there.

    Also, when I got pg, I knew I implanted 4dp5dt because I spotted. I remember freaking out and calling my clinic, and they told me it was probably just implantation spotting. Your embryo can implant that late after transfer.

    I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a darker line tomorrow.

  10. *hugs* Ugh, hate those stupid sticks!!! I'm sorry you are torturing yourself, but I completely understand. I always did the same thing. I hope you get to see your two lines very soon. We are praying for you.

  11. Hey Sis,

    My experience is not the same as yours, but I did go through some torture with Rachel, if you want me to elaborate let me know and I'll email it to you

    Hang in there

    Love you bunches


  12. I agree with everyone else - internet cheapies suck! Go splurge on the FRER, it's Hcg threshold is so much lower. Fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms all crossed for you!!

  13. Yep......IC's stink!!! Wouldn't waste my mula on them....FRER is the way to go and it's WAY early yet...that's why they make you wait as long as they do for your beta:-) Besides....with both of my pregnancies (even though they were not IVF/FET cycles)...I never got a BFP until 11 dpo (which is still WAY early)....hang in there girlfriend....keep the peace coming and I can't wait to see those TWO lines posted on here!!!

  14. You should have told me you were using THOSE tests! Go to the store and buy a FRER!!! or even an EPT! Seriously, I remember Kayjay posting pics of those things and there being problems all over the place...then she took a name brand and it was clear. And, I must say, maybe it is the picture you took, but I swear I see a second line on your 5dpt one. Please text me when you get your BFP...I know you will!

    I hope things are going MUCH better today. Hugs!

  15. I was wondering about the 5dpt one too... I think there's definitely still hope.
    This is exactly why I didn't POAS till AFTER I got my beta results - just didn't want to analyze everything myself.
    Hope it turns positive soon!

  16. Jill I see a line on your 5dp test, I would not joke on something as important, but I do! I never used cheap sticks and I dont know where does the line goes but I am seeing something in the middle white space between the max and the red line, anyone else???
    Good luck sweetie I am really hoping you have a great surprise tomorrow.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill