Wednesday, April 23, 2008

IVF#1 - FSH Day 5 Monitoring

Let me start by saying with a huge sigh of relief, I am NOT cancelled!!!!

Here are my results:
E2 (estradiol): 1640 (pretty high)
Lining: 9.3mm Trilayer (they want > 8)
Right Ovary: 8x11, 8x11, 10x12, 5 less than 10mm
Left Ovary: 8x12, 8x13, 10x11, 10x12, 3 less than 10mm

So I have 7 developing follicles all about the same size and they are thrilled with this considering my high FSH and low antral follicle count. I have 8 less than 10mm that may or may not catch up. Seems my cyst didn't cause any problems.

They said my E2 is on the high side and that I'll have some risk of ovarian hysterstimulation syndrome (OHSS), but they feel that I may never respond this well again and they want to keep me going to the end. I'm to stay on the same max dosage, I thought for sure they would lower it some.

I just ordered my remaining meds which was another $1,251.

My next monitoring visit is Fri, then possibly another one Sat. Depending on how things are going, they may trigger me Sat/Sun and do egg retrieval on Mon/Tue. OMG!

I am just so darn happy right now! Let me tell you, the first monitoring visit is terrifying as you have no clue how you're doing and if you'll get to continue. Glad to have that behind me.

Here's my dart board (and I'm only half way done):

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