Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IVF#1 - Egg Retrieval

Hello everyone! I just woke up from my 3rd coma, gotta love those post-anesthesia naps!

Everything went really well today. I signed a bunch of paperwork, basically signed my life away. They gave me an IV and then wheeled me into the operating room. Don't remember anything after that. I woke up feeling fine, but my upper thigh was killing me, felt like someone sucker punched me. The nurse took a look and found an injection site and said that must of been where they gave me a shot of demarol while I was out. About 10 mins later, I felt crampy and was having a few sharp pains. The nurse gave me a pain killer, so I'm feeling fine so far, with an occasional sharp pain. We'll see how I feel when all the pain meds wear off. Overall it was a piece of cake and everyone was extremely nice.

The embryologist came in and said the retrieval lasted 20 mins and they retrieved 10 eggs. Hubby was guessing 20 and I was guessing 15, so lower than expected but still very happy. They said they were only expecting 7-8 and were very happy with 10. I'm baffled as to why my estradiol was so high with only 10 eggs.

Kerry's semen analysis was 40 mil total with 3% motility, they said they had about 1 mil motile to work with. Hopefully they can find 10 good sperm out of that. Kerry wanted to make sure I report to all of you that he's doing well too and survived his "procedure"! LOL

They ICSI'd the eggs today. That stands for intra-cytoplasma sperm injection. Tomorrow I'll receive a fertilization report to let me know how many successfully fertilzed. I'm on pins and needles till tomorrow!

Tonight is my first progesterone injection! I'll let you know how it goes. I'm more nervous about that than the retrieval.

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