Thursday, April 17, 2008

IVF#1 - Let the Injections Begin!

My meds have arrived!!! Welcome to my pharmacy. These are all going in ME??? There's more to come, this is only 3/4 of it. God help my poor husband who's about to endure a very hormonal wife.
Today I start 20 units of microdose lupron 2x/day. Nicknamed "menopause in a bottle". It literally shuts you down and puts you in menopause so they can take complete control of your reproductive hormone system. It also keeps you from ovulating when they start stimulating you.

Would you like to see my first injection??? Here ya go! I had no prep or practice time as my meds had just arrived and I needed to get it injected asap, so you'll see that I take a minute to figure things out. I cheated and used numbing ointment, or wimp cream as my husband says. Tonight's injection will be without so I can prove to hubby that I'm not a wimp. Judging by my technique, I'm quite confident that my calling was NOT a nurse.

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