Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IVF#1 - Suppression Check

Our visit started off with a blood draw for estradiol. I've really come a long way with my needle phobia, I did so good!

Next was the intra-vaginal u/s. My uterine lining was 5.8, a little more than they wanted, but ok considering I haven't started my period yet. I had a 12mm cyst on my right ovary, which could delay/cancel me, but I had to wait for the IVF nurse to discuss it with me. Next was the history and physical, passed that with flying colors. We discussed the cyst and she said it most likely won't be a problem, but we'll have to wait for the estradiol level to know how to proceed. It needs to be below 50 to be suppressed. Anything above that and I probably have a functioning cyst that will cause problems and will cancel me.

Next was the trial embryo transfer where they thread a catheter through your cervix and to the top of your uterus. It wasn't too bad, but I did say ouch a few times, it was a crampy feeling. She measured the depth at 6.5 cm. I'm relieved it's over and then she goes, I always check this twice, so in it goes again, ugh. It was way more scary than painful. This trial is to make sure there will be no problems during the real deal and to know how deep to go.

The lab director came in and showed us some really cool photos of eggs and explained the entire egg/sperm/embryo process. At my age, they will transfer 3 embryos if I have to do a day 3 transfer and 2 if I make it to a day 5 transfer, which is the goal.

The IVF nurse came back in and taught me how to prepare the meds for injection. They set me up with a voice mailbox and told me to go home and check it later for my estradiol level and how to proceed.

So I left having no clue if I was going to start, be delayed or be cancelled. I start reading about cysts on the internet, big mistake! This had me panicking with things like, you have 50% more chance of failure with IVF if you go into it with a cyst. The cyst can really take control and mess up everything the meds are trying to do. I start preparing my mind to be cancelled and convince myself it's for the best because if I'm going to be cancelled, now is the time, not after I'm way into it.

I finally get my voice message and my estradiol is 23!!! The IVF nurse talked to Dr. Hill (the founder of the clinic) and he doesn't think the cyst will be a problem since my estradiol is low. Errr, time to switch gears, OMG, I'm still on. I call to discuss my fears and she said that there is a chance that the cyst could cause problems, but there's a bigger probability that it won't. So I'm going for it and I can't help but be terrified that it will become a road block for me. I feel like I'm already starting with something against me.

Next was time to order the meds asap because my first injection is Thur morning, OMG! Let the emotional roller coaster begin!

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