Wednesday, April 30, 2008

IVF#1 - Fertilization Report

Well I've been bawling my head off for that last 2 hrs and finally got enough strength to post. Out of the 10, only 4 were mature, they ICSI'd all 4 and only 2 fertilized. I won't know until tomorrow if they have survived. I am a total mess. I'm trying to remain positive and not be ungrateful as it could be worse, but I'm soooooo scared right now as my chances have just dropped significantly. If you believe in prayer, please say a prayer for us that our 2 little embies survive. I didn't realize how much I loved my embies already until I lost 8 of them. I think they triggered me too early due to my high E2 levels. If our embies make it, we will be transferring on Fri.

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