Wednesday, December 3, 2008

IVF#3 - Day 3 Transfer

Sorry for the late update, we had to scramble to find some flights back home for this Fri.

I had my day 3 transfer today and all went well! I'm currently carrying TRIPLETS!!!!

Here's the details if anyone is interested...

I had b/w an hour prior to the transfer. They want your E2 to be > 1000, mine was 1670, so all good there.

I was admitted to the transfer room where I put on a gown and was given a Valium (oh la la!). The sonogragher came in and did an u/s on my belly to make sure my bladder was full. It was very full so they gave me a cup and told me how much I could let out. That was a relief. I went back to my room and layed down, felt a little dizzy and fell sound asleep. The sonogragher came in and checked my bladder again and said all was ready to go.

Dr. Schoolcraft came in to do the transfer. We were expecting the embryologist first to give us our embryo report. So at this point we still had no clue what we even had left. He said we had 3 great embryos he'd like to transfer but he needed to know that we were ok with the risk of triplets or twins. He also gave us the option of transferring just 2 or changing our transfer to a day 5 to see which embryos were the best, but that carried a risk of nothing making it. As much as I wanted a day 5 transfer, I just couldn't take that risk that nothing would be left and then I would have no chance. Our heads were spinning and he pretty much wanted an answer on the spot. Since we transferred 4 last time and ended up with nothing, we decided to just go for it and transfer the 3. Multiples may be scary, but not as scary as going home with nothing. He said there was a less than 10% chance of triplets and 20% chance of twins. Just the fact that we have a risk of multiples made us excited because that must mean we have a good chance of having one.

The embryologist came in wheeling in this huge incubator. There was a monitor on top showing our 3 embabies. Kerry took a picture of them but with the screen being out of focus and then not being able to use a flash, the photo isn't very clear, but at least we have a photo of them.

The embryologist loaded up the embryos, the sonogragher had my uterus on the screen and Schoolcraft threaded the catheter through my cervix. Within a min, it was done. I had to lay there for an hour and now I'm back at the hotel on 48 hrs of bedrest. Kerry has been taking great care of me, he's such an awesome husband!

Here are the embryo details:

CCRM grades their embryos on a scale of 1- to 4 with 4 being perfect. 4- would be less than 10% fragmentation.
Batch 1 (3 day old embryos, should be 4-8 cells):
Embryo 01: 9 Cells, Grade 4-, Transferred
Embryo 02: 8 Cells, Grade 4-, Transferred
Embryo 03: 6 Cells, Grade 4-, Transferred
Embryo 04: 6 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo 05: 6 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo 06: 4 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo 07: 4 Cells, Grade 3 uneven
Embryo 08: 3 Cells, Grade 3

Batch 2 (2 day old late bloomers, should be 2-4 cells):
Embryo 09: 6 Cells, Grade 4 uneven
Embryo 10: 4 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo 11: 2 Cells, Grade 4-
Embryo 12: 2 Cells, Grade 4-

OMG, I can't believe I had 12 still going in culture. I'm praying for a couple of snow babies as a backup or for a future sibling. Schoolcraft said not to hold my breath, but that it's not impossible. We will get a call Sun/Mon letting us know if any made it to freeze.

Gosh, I just really feel like this is going to work this time!!!

Here's my trips (they don't appear perfect to me, but CCRM said they were, so I'll trust them)

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  1. Thanks for providing your story and especially your 3-day embryos that worked. I have 5 days left before I find out the results of my 3-day transfer, and I have been searching for pictures that were realistic that worked. I keep seeing these picture perfect embryos that aren't the norm of what are considered high-quality, but rather perfect looking, so thanks again! I had only 3 embros to work with on day 3, 2 were 8 cell, top quality, and a 6-cell, top quality as well. Since mine look about like yours, with no fragmentation, maybe it will work. At least now I think there really is a good chance.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill