Friday, December 12, 2008

IVF#3 - 2ww Blues

I'm feeling down today. My chart isn't looking so amazing and I just don't feel pg. I am so freakin scared. No, I haven't tested at all. Too scared. I think I would have caved if I had ever got that overwhelming feeling that I was pg. I thought about testing this morning, but can't because I have my annual review today, didn't think it would go over too well to be sobbing during that. I have a Christmas party to attend Sat and it's my turn to work the nursery Sun at church. So I just can't face a negative and be able to hold it together for any of these events. Maybe I'll test after church Sun, no one to face then.

Going by my last 2 IVFs, I would have started bleeding by today... so I'll be toilet paper watching all day. I think I'll lose it if I see red again.

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