Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IVF#3 - Day 2 Embryo Report

I'm still bloated but getting better each day. I've eaten half of the salt provided in our room. This is pretty much how you can picture me in my room every day.

Ok, now onto the news you really want, day 2 embryo report!!!

As a recap, we had 13 mature on day 0 and 3 more that matured on day 1. I got better news, when they went to icsi the 3 late bloomers at noon, they found that 3 more had matured for a total of 6!!! 4 of the 6 fertilized normally!!! This also means that Kerry's boys survived in culture overnight! So that bumps our total mature up to 19 out of 23 and our fertilized from 7 to 11!!! Thank you God and the CCRM lab!!!

Then the embryologist asked if I'd like to hear the progress on my original 7 that fertilized. I lucked out as they don't normally give day 2 results. She said that they expect embryos to be between 2 and 4 cells today and that all 7 are progressing normally. I about fell over. Here are the details:

1 @ 4-cells, 2 @ 3-cells, 4 @ 2-cells

So definitely not perfect as they much prefer them to be at 4 cells by now, but there is still time to catch up and they could divide into 4 at any moment. I've never had anything over 2-cells on day 2, so I'm thrilled. We have already declared the 4-cell as our take home souvenir.

As far as quality, they don't grade them at this point, but she did say that all have less than 10% fragmentation, no vacuoles and no multinucleation. Yeah!!!

I have b/w tomorrow at noon to make sure my e2 is at the right level for transfer. My day 3 transfer is scheduled at 1p. I won't hear another update until then unless they find that my embryos are doing really well and decide to push me to day 5. I'm still holding out hope for a day 5 transfer.

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