Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IVF#2 - Night before Egg Retrieval

I just got my estradiol level back and it’s now 9029, zoiks Scooby!!!! I’ve been given instructions to stay very well hydrated and eat lots of protein. It won’t prevent OHSS, but will help with the symptoms. But since I’m NOT going to get it, it’s just a precaution. Egg retrieval is tomorrow morning. While I’m having surgery, Kerry has an appt with the Lazy Boy in the collection room. I'll ask again, how fair is that???

I talked to my IVF nurse today and got some more info. I asked her what will determine if they will go forward with a fresh transfer or freeze everything. One consideration is my insane E2 level, the other is she wants to see how many eggs fertilize and what the quality is. If I have a good count and quality, she feels it would be ok to freeze them and I could have a good chance with a frozen transfer later. If I have a low count or poo poo quality and freezing/thawing them would probably result in losing them all, she would rather chance the fresh transfer. So sounds like she wants to keep me safe but at the same time, really wants me to have a good chance at pregnancy. I’m at peace, whatever she decides.

I next asked about the frozen embryo transfer process (FET). If I have to go frozen, the real bummer part is that it will be 3 months from now before I get to transfer them, ugh. Did I mention I’m tired of waiting already? Well I am, let’s get me pregnant already! I would have to wait for this cycle to end, go through a normal cycle on my own, and then start the process the following cycle. The process is unexpectedly more than I realized. It is identical to going through IVF minus the stim injections and egg retrieval. It’s a 6-week process of birth control pills, lupron to shut down your hormone system, estrogen supplements, monitoring visits, transfer and progesterone injections. Basically it’s HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The scary part is that you can’t thaw the embies until you’re ready for transfer, so you have to go through the all the prep work before you even know if your embies are going to survive the thaw. I asked her how many they will unthaw. If they are frozen right after fertilization, they unthaw them all and see what develops. If they are frozen at day 3-5, they will only unthaw how many you want to transfer. They will keep unthawing one at a time until they have that amount or run out. The embryologist will determine when they think is best to freeze. I never thought I’d ever be at the mercy of so many people to get me pregnant. If anyone ever wants some advice on how to NOT get pregnant, I’m your woman! =)

I’m off to go take it easy before delivering all my little follies. =)

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