Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IVF#2 - FSH Day 4 Monitoring

Today was my first monitoring visit and I am pleased with the results.

Right: 5<10
Left: 6<10, 2 micro
Lining: 6mm
E2: 668

They don't give measurements for follies less than 10, but they are in the 8-9mm range. Micros are in the 7mm range. So I have about 13 around the same size!!! My lining is a little thin because I just finished my period, but they said I have plenty of time to catch up. My E2 is high again, but they said not as high as last time. Last time my first mon visit was on day 5, so I have nothing to compare. The RE said she is very pleased with the results and said this is right where they would like to see me on day 4 and feel this is going better than last time. Sounds good to me!

They instructed me to stay on the same dosages and to come in Thur for day 6 monitoring.

Happy, Happy, Happy is all I can say!

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