Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IVF#2 - Egg Retrieval

Hello All,

I just got back from egg retrieval and wanted to get an update out before I drift off. Everything went really well! They retrieved 19 eggs, wahoo!!!! Last time they retrieved 10. The embryologist said he thinks about half of them will be mature just from first glance. They will be injecting one sperm into each mature egg today. I’ll get a voicemail tomorrow with how many are mature and how many fertilized. My doctor is leaning towards freezing them all, but hasn’t made up her mind yet. I’m feeling pretty crampy, but nothing unbearable, I’m doped up pretty well right now.

Kerry’s sample was better this time, here’s his results:

Total Count: 40 million
Motility: 3% grade B

Total Count: 60 million
Motility: 6% grade B

When I returned to recovery, there was a “Dear Eggs” letter waiting for me, encouraging them to become great embryos and letting them know they have wonderful parents waiting for them. So cute! It was from a good friend who just went through IVF 2 weeks ahead of me.

So nothing but good news, everyone is very happy with the results, all went perfect and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve been praying like crazy, all I can say is God is good and delivered!

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