Friday, July 11, 2008

IVF#2 - Loopy on Lupron

Some of you may remember from IVF#1 that the lupron was killing me, felt like I was walking into a beehive. It didn’t matter if I numbed up with lidocaine for 2 hrs and iced, it still stung. Well, great news, this lupron, which is supposed to be the same exact stuff, doesn’t hurt at all, I might as well be injecting water. The only difference is it’s from Freedom Pharmacy instead of Metro Drugs. I called Freedom and they said it’s diluted with saline and all pharmacies should be compounding the lupron identically. I talked to several people who did microdose lupron and I was the only one complaining about it. I wonder if I got a bad batch last time? Who knows, but I’m happy now. I just did my nightly lupron injection with no numbing, I went au naturel… didn't hurt a bit and I'm feeling quite studly.

So anyway, I can definitely feel the effects of the lupron! I’m woosie and very cloudy headed. A co-worker called and was explaining a situation he needed help with and I had to ask him to repeat everything 3 times as I was in lala land and wasn’t hearing a word he said! I had to force myself to focus. I’m pretty dizzy as well. I take this as a good sign as it must be working. I think dh will be taking my car keys.

On another note, I did get AF this time before starting stims, yeah!

Oh, one more side effect… rambling…

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