Saturday, July 26, 2008

IVF#2 - Day 3 Transfer

What a day of answered prayers and miracles!!! I'm currently carrying QUADS!!!!

On day 1:
4 fertilized

On day 2 (should be 4-cells):
4 developing slowly at 2-cells
2 hours after leaving me a voice mail, 3 more spontaneously fertilized!!!

On day 3 (should be 8-cells):
6 @ 4-cells
1 @ 8-cells

Now there is a downside to this, 6 of the embryos are multi-nucleated. What this means is that one or more of the cells did not divide correctly and contain more than one nucleus. The nucleus contains the DNA. Basically they are probably chromosomally abnormal. Multi-nucleated embryo transfers are generally avoided unless there are very few normal embryos available. These embryos are at very high risk of arresting or miscarrying. Around day 5 or so, the cells start to differ from each other, some will become the baby, some will become the placenta, etc. Now if the normal cells become the baby, a normal healthy baby can result. So these embies do have a chance of producing a perfectly normal baby.

Good news is that my 8-cell appears to be perfect and has great potential. This little miracle embie went from 2-cells to 8-cells overnight and is a so close to a perfect A that they graded it a B+!!!!! So I'm holding out hopes for my little miracle 8-cell embaby!

Transfer went well. I thoroughly enjoyed my Valium. I transferred what my doctor recommended, which was 4 of the best. Normally they would not have been willing to do more than 3 with me, but considering the above mentioned issue, they want to better my odds. We transferred the 8-cell B+, 4-cell B that jumped to 5-cells right before it was transferred, and 2 more 4-cell Bs.

3 are remaining in culture and they'll watch their development and report back to me. Most likely they won't make it, but you never know about my embies, maybe they'll pull another miracle and we can get some snow-babies out of them.

Here's embabies first photo:

Just three more hurdles to go, to get pregnant, stay pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. This is the closest I’ve ever been, OMG, I’m a mom right now!!!!

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