Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tyler: Week 29

January 5-January 11, 2011 (28w-28w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • Changing this child's diaper takes a village!  All he wants to do is flip over the entire time.  I flip him back and he flips again.  Sometimes the art of distraction works by giving him a toy, other times not.  Anyone out there face this and found something to work?  Please share!  In the meantime, I've become quite proficient at putting his diaper on backwards.  I lay the front of the diaper down, put him over it on his belly and wrapped the tabs around him. 
  • This child hates shoes, slippers, socks, anything that touches his feet.  It's cold, his feet are cold and I can't keep anything on them.
  • He bit my nipple twice, I yelped quite loudly, he jumped, he cried.  Oh how I'm dreading his teeth coming in!  Thankfully he only did this during 1 nursing session and hasn't done it since.
  • He crawled 2 steps to get to the tv remote but hasn't done it since.  Soon enough!
  • He completely surprised me by going from all fours to sitting on his hip.  He can't get to a full sitting position yet.  Kerry calls it putting up his kickstand.

Video:  Tyler's 1st time sitting on his hip

Video:  Tyler crawling backwards


This week he had pears (loved), green beans (gagged) and green beans mixed with breastmilk (liked).  As far as the amount we give him, we're letting him lead the way.  He turns his head and stops opening his mouth when he's done.  We started with 1 tbsp a day and now he's up to 1oz once a day.

Video:  Pears... mmmmmm

He's learning how to push but when it's without results we give him a break from solids.  When he goes, we slowly start the solids back up again.  I've seen other babies go 2-3 weeks without pooping and that just can't be healthy.  He didn't go for 4 days, that was long enough for me.  Changing his diet to all non-constipating foods this week did help some.  I'm really glad we didn't start with cereals now since they are very constipating.

This week in photos:


  1. I have the same problem with my little one trying to turn over when I am changing her. I keep one special toy by her changing table and the only time she gets it is when I am changing her, sometimes I have to vary the "toy". Right now it is her hairbrush, she loves it for some reason.

  2. I can't believe how much he's changed and grown!!! The crawling backward is so funny!

  3. Crawling towards the remote--that's pretty funny :)

  4. I love the crawling backwards video....they all seem to do that for some reason because it's more "natural" and "easier" for them:)

    Gosh he's changing with each update and getting so big.

  5. Hi Jill and Kerry!
    I commented on your last blog, but I think a lot of mine don't go through for some reason-grrrrr!
    Once again, your videos and pictures crack me up...he is not only adorable, he's funny too! He looks like he's ready to go places for sure-I hope you're both ready for more action than you've ever experienced! lol Yes, it's DEFINATELY time to "child-proof"! lol Take care! Love Aunt Carol xoxoxoxo

  6. He is getting cuter all the time! I love the videos!

  7. Wonder who he takes after about the shoe thing? ME! I Hate Shoes too.

    Love you Tyler, Keep up the good work

    Auntie Sheree

  8. Jill, Tyler is just so adorable! I love these videos!

  9. cute.... wanna play with him..^^


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