Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tyler: Week 26

December 15-December 21, 2010 (25w-25w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He started this wild slapping motion.  He raises both arms, flails them up and down and slaps his thighs.  Kerry says he's playing air drum.  He even does this when he touches our face or grabs our mouth.  It's about as pleasant as kissing windshield wipers.
  • He experienced his first taste of foot.

  • He loves scootching all over the bed.  It's the perfect playground for practicing crawling.  Here he is at his first hotel stay having a hay day in the king bed.
  • He graduated from the co-sleeper to the pack-n-play.  He still fits in the co-sleeper, but it didn't allow him much room to move around now that's he more mobile.
  • He started turtle heading.  This is our term for when we look over at the pack-n-play and he's peeking his head out staring at us.
  • He whines a "mmmm" sound with his lips closed when he's tired.
  • He sings himself to sleep with a groggy moan.  He started this a couple weeks after we started singing him to sleep.
  • He received his first personalized Christmas ornament.  He thoroughly examined every angle of it.  Thank you Great Aunt Carol! 

  • He experienced his first road trip, about a 7-8 hr drive down to lower Alabama to celebrate Christmas with Kerry's side of the family.  He did pretty well, just a few fussy moments where he wanted out of his car seat, which I don't blame him one bit.  He did have one meltdown that called for desperate measures.  Desperate = me in the back seat leaning over his car seat sticking a boob in his mouth!  Hey, it worked!  I told him Righty would have to do because there was no way I was flexible enough to give him Lefty.
  • He's fascinated by head lights at night.  Note to self, never try to breastfeed at night parked near a busy street when in a hurry.  Apparently car head lights are way more cool than mama's head lights.
  • He opened his very first Christmas present this week.  He was much more interested in eating the paper.  Every single strip of paper went in his mouth.

  • He was Mommy and Daddy's perfect gift.
  • We discovered he loves puppets.

  • Video:  He loves Daddy's magic carpet ride.
  • He had his first ocean experience at the Gulf of Mexico.

  • He experienced sand for the first time.

  • Video:  A stroll down the beach and proof that parents are willing to humiliate themselves to get a baby to laugh (and that I'm the world's worst singer ever)!
  • He's already fascinated with cars.  Typical boy!


  1. I love the last shot (well, all of them, naturally, but the last one is particularly cute) because he's totally thinking: "Yeah, I'm completely in control here, I'm driving this vehicle." Ever since being a kid/pre-teen (?) when Look Who's Talking came out so many years ago--I always imagine what babies are thinking and it's always those same voices!

  2. How is it possible that he gets cuter every week?!?
    Love the updates, pictures and videos - your sense of humor and love for each other makes me all fuzzy inside :)

  3. He is SO CUTE! I love the giggles when you were singing on the beach. Teagan kind of moans herself to sleep too, I thought it was pretty funny but it seems to be really soothing to her!

  4. I love the singing video because you look so totally, blissfully happy! Happy New Year!

  5. I looooooveeeee how they hum themselves to sleep....we have always sang to our boys and we'll here Cameron in his crib humming to himself when he's trying to go to sleep.

    Love the video of him giggling while you're singing to him:)

  6. He is just too sweet, Jill. Love thos big eyes!

  7. What a great post!! So much fun to see him experiencing all these new things! I know the desperate feeling in the car... We just pulled over to nurse for 10 minutes. :0) Although you cracked me up with the visual!!

    Love the Christmas pics, too! He looks so adorable and grown up! Love the hats... Colton isn't a fan of hats, so we have to be quick with any pics.

    I need to call/email sometime to chat about sleeping. I'm interested to see how bubby is doing and maybe get some pointers. I've got a catnapper on my hands!! Interested to see how your nights are going too.

    Love you guys!
    The Other Jill

  8. I really enjoyed the pictures on the beach. Really enjoyed you walking down the beach singing to him. That was really special.
    Also like the picture of him driving the car. He looked as if he was in complete control LOL
    Really enjoying watching Tyler grow up with all the interesting items you are putting on your blog.
    Keep it up.


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