Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Photos

Here are our photos from our December 11, 2010 Christmas photo shoot.  Tyler was a little bit on the cranky side but we managed to get a few smiles out of him.  Tyler is 5m-18d old.

Kerry trying to cheer up a fussy Tyler:

We got in a few of the shots, but this was shoot was mainly about baby.

Tyler and his buddy Grayson.  Grayson is 1 month younger.  By time we got to this part of the photo shoot, both boys were about to lose it.  Lots of tears and Tyler kept trying to eat Grayson!  I'm sure if you could have seen the 4 parents jumping through hoops trying to get them to smile and both look at the camera the same time, you would have been very entertained!


  1. Grumpy or not, he's still the most handsome baby I ever saw!! These pictures put a big smile on both my and Diver Dude's face :)

  2. You got some cute ones in there despite his his outfits:) Did the same gal take them that too the fall ones? Love the background....where were they taken (location)?

  3. So adorable....what a doll!!! I love the outfit he has on. I know exactly how hard it must have been to get the 2 fussy babies to smile together....that is exactly how our 4 month photo shoot went with our twins! These finished pictures make it look much easier to do than it actually is...but just think of the memories these photos will bring in years to come! Happy New Year!

  4. So so cute. My favorite is where he is resting his head on the present. Looks like a little GQ model doing his best to look uninterested. (-;

  5. Finally got some cute smiles. Smiling or not he is still precious. Both of them together was really cute too.
    Can't wait to see him Thursday.


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