Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tyler: Week 30

January 12-January 18, 2011 (29w-29w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He loves his crib toys!  I just recently added these and wish I would have sooner.  He takes to naps so much better now because he'll play until he drifts off.  They don't seem to have the same impact upon wakeup, he wants boob immediately and could care less about the toys.
  • He loves remotes so much that I bought him his very own fake remote.  It looks so real that my MIL tried to use it on the tv.  We keep it with our other remotes so we can hand him his when he's determined to get a hold of ours. 

  • He finally jumped in his jumperoo.
Video:  Tyler jumping
  • He's trying really hard to crawl.  He takes one step with his hand, loses his balance and slides to his tummy.  On a rare occasion, he manages to get a couple of steps in.
Video:  Tyler starting to crawl
  • He loves playing airplane.
Video:  Airplane
  • He loves his gums being brushed with his gum stimulator.
Video:  Daddy beatboxing on Tyler's gums


This week he had carrots (loved), green beans (liked), mixed green beans/carrots (loved), pears (loved), butternut squash (loved!!!) and apples (dry heaved).

Video:  Tyler eating green beans

At Tyler's request, we've bumped up his servings from 1 to 2oz and also from once to twice a day.  He does not like cold or room temp food, so I warm everything up in a glass jar in the bottle warmer.

Like most babies, Tyler doesn't like his faced cleaned, but as long as we wash his tongue while washing his face, he loves it.

Video:  Washing Tyler's tongue

He's still not pooping as often as I'd like, but when he does, wowser!  It's very different from breastmilk poo.  Goodbye runny poo, hello turds!  It pretty much resembles what he ate and is very colorful.  He pooped carrots the other day and it stained his butt orange.  The smell, not so friendly.  I know, that was way more than you ever wanted to know.  It was just a shock for me as I've been so used to nothing but breastmilk poo for 6 months.

I've been making all of his baby food.  It's really easy thanks to the Beaba BabyCook.  It steams, purees, thaws and reheats all in one.  I haven't used it to thaw/reheat yet, but the steam/puree feature is great.  Highly recommended.

This is the first time I've cooked butternut squash.  It makes a great first food as it purees so buttery smooth.  It looks and kinda tastes like sweet potato.  It's Tyler's current favorite.


  1. I love butternut squash--one of my faves (but I hate to peel it!). And I spy a guitar onesie on Tyler--so adorable!

  2. Why am I getting hungry reading this?
    Love the update, can't believe the little guy is already starting to crawl!!

  3. You know the food is delicious when Tyler says, "m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m!" lol He is so cute! If Kerry gives airplane rides...does that make him the runway? Tyler looks very determined to crawl-it looks like it's exhausting though! Tyler is so adorable!

  4. It's amazing how young those boys take to remotes....Cameron wouldn't leave ours alone so we just took the batteries out of a spare one and it's been "his" ever since....LOL

    Isn't "solid" poop lovely? Just wait until it's part solid/part's a real challenge to get it rinsed out of the cloth dipes....ewwwwwww

    He getting cuter and cuter ever time I read your updates:)

  5. You should see my Colton stare at the screen and watch the Ty videos. :0) It's so cute! He's mesmerized.

    So fun watching him learn all these new things-- and gives me something to look forward to!

    I got the Beaba Babycook for Christmas!!! Another fun similarity. :0) Can't wait to use it. I've got my list of things to try out. We'll probably do so in just about a month!

    How are YOU?? Hopefully well. I'll try to give you a call tomorrow. We've been snowed in with kids the past 3 days! Now all is quiet. :0)

    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

  6. Love the videos. It is so great to watch Tyler change every week. Keep up the journal.

  7. HI--I just found your blog...and we have a similar dx (diminished ovarian reserve, low morphology) and really wanted to talk to you about your IVF journey. Would you be willing to do so? I'm going to email you...

  8. I'm curious-what kind of crib toys do you have for him? I'm going to be TRYING our twins in the crib soon and could use any suggestions.


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